Gay Travel – Product Review – RHEYN Clothing

RHEYN – High quality sportswear with contemporary styling and value-adding details in the trims. I love when I discover hot new fashion, as is the case with RHEYN, founded in 2009. Background info:  I had the pleasure of reviewing their Short Stop Henley in Blue and Varsity Hoodie.  My first impression was of the absolute … Continue reading

Gay Travel – Product Review – Tretorn & Radii Footwear

Tretorn Footwear / Radii Footwear – Unique shoes with modern style.  Who doesn’t like a new pair of shoes or sneakers, right? Two companies I recently came across are  Tretorn Footwear and Radii Footwear. Tretorn is all about taking you from the woods to the city. Tretorn celebrates lifestyle lived largely outside with functional and stylishly understated … Continue reading

Gay Travel – Product Review – Eyepster

Eyepster – Current, Fashionable, Unique and Attractive Sunglasses Eyepster was born in Miami as Glasiz, where sunglasses are as indispensable as house keys. Since early 2010, when the company officially launched, they’ve been pushing the limits of creativity and self-expression by putting their own twist on an already fun fashion staple.  Eyepster changes the way … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – BUILT

BUILT – Bags, Totes & Cases.   One of the things I love most about my job is discovering great companies such as BUILT and reviewing their products. BUILT is a New York-based company that designs fashionable and functional bags, totes, and cases for life on the go. Drawing inspiration from the city that never … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – SPENGLISH

SPENGLISH (SPƎNGLISH) – Supporting Happiness, Reinforcing Love and Celebrating Diversity I have a lot of T-shirts. A lot. No, seriously – A LOT OF T-SHIRTS.   Just sayin.  SPENGLISH (SPƎNGLISH) stands out in my ever growing collection. The QUALITY is unlike any other tees I own. They use 100% Premium Cotton with a very special … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – KEEN Footwear

KEEN – Innovative and comfortable products that transition seamlessly from work to play, and enables people to pursue a Hybrid lifestyle: create, play and care. Some brands are just cool, as is the case with KEEN.  Keen exudes a youthful, healthy, environmentally involved vibe. The outdoors. Supporting good causes. Adventure. Fun. Life.    They have … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Greg Stevens Designs

GREG STEVENS DESIGNS – Simplicity & Functionality Greg Stevens Designs makes some of the most handsome watch straps, belts and watches you will ever find.  The product reflects the Greg I have come to know via email conversations. A passionate man all about simplicity and functionality.  The passion shows through in his products. Every detail, … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Urban Cricket

Urban Cricket – To clothe all who come through Union Square Park (and beyond)!    Urban Cricket was developed by a pair of roommates in a small New York City apartment. As of now all products are designed, illustrated, printed and sold by one of both Gloria & Audrey. You can find them in Union … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Prajaa Shoes

PRAJAA – High end street fashion, uniting the elegance of formal footwear with its casual, sneaker-inspired base.   Every once and awhile you discover a new product that instantly becomes a favorite. That is the case with Prajaa.  I currently own two pairs of Prajaa shoes and I can honestly say they are some of … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – ADZIF

ADZIF – Unique Collection of Self-Adhesive Products ADZIF has been working since 2007 with artists to create unique collections of self-adhesive products. All products are made entirely at their Canadian production facility with purchased high quality raw materials from North American suppliers. This gay friendly company had a head office in Montreal, Canada and two distribution … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – HOMOSAYSWHAT

HOMESAYSWHAT – Cute Clothes for people with Dirty MindsHOMOSAYSWHAT has something gay to tell you!  That is the tag line on owner, Adam’s, Kickstarter page. This is Adam, say hello! It goes on to say that: HOMOSAYSWHAT designs & screenprints Tshirts that use cute drawings to make dirty jokes so you can get away with wearing … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – The Walart Wallet

THE WALART WALLET The Walart Wallet is 100% recyclable, tear resistant, water resistant and made in Australia.  It is a collection of art & design from around the world displayed on the one medium – THE WALART.  Constructed from a single piece of enviro-friendly paper, resistant to mother nature and the dullness of everyday society. The … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Reviews – Coney Island Craft Larger

CONEY ISLAND CRAFT LARGER – SHMALTZ BREWING COMPANY The Coney Island Brewing Company is the “world’s smallest brewery”. How do we know? Well representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records tells us so! 😉  The micro-brewery produces lager one gallon at a time!  Owners say that their recipes are inspired by the local artistic and … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – FlyingFlips

FLYINGFLIPS – FlipFlops for Good At FlyingFlips they believe in spreading the love. For every pair of FlyingFlips you buy they give a pair to a human in need. Smitten yet?  They have partnered with Souls4Souls and Foundacion A. Jean Brugger to insure the shoes get to the right people in need.  FlyingFlips is special. … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Boccia id. Watch Configurator

BOCCIA id. Watch Configurator Now here is something cool….. How would you like to design your own watch? You can pick everything from the case, bezel, dials, hands, strap and crystal!  I recently designed a watch using The Boccia id. Watch Configurator. There were so many options that I will have to keep adding to … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Sebago’s Filson Knight Shoe

SEBAGO SHOES Today I am going to spotlight one hot pair of boots – Sebago’s Filson Knight ($170). These rugged blucher moccasins can handle any kind of weather or conditions! You can choose from full grain waterproof leather / Filson tin cloth upper , waxy full grain leather or waterproof leather uppers.  Rawhide laces stay … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Tula Hats

TULA HATS    I do a lot of traveling and spend a lot of time in the sun. For awhile now my partner and I have been looking for the perfect hat to protect us from the sun while still being stylish.  Luckily I came across Tula Hats! Not only do these hats pack easily, … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Dpcted Apparel

    DPCTED APPAREL So last summer I was going through a major breakup. It hurt. It hurt – hard. One of those “out of the blue” type breakups where you get an “I love you” in the morning and an “I love you so much but….” text (yes, text) in the afternoon. Ouch. Between … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – COOKOO Watch

COOKOO – THE WATCH FOR THE CONNECTED GENERATION Okay, this just blew my socks off….oh wait… flip-flops….listen, something just blew off me! Why? Because this is just so – damn – cool!  Go grab a tissue, napkin or something because you are going to drool!  Your smartphone may not always be at hand—but the cookoo … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – SkyRoll

SkyRoll On Wheels  Wheeled Suitcase & Garment Bag in One It’s a carry-on suitcase with a wrap-around garment bag Suits gently wrap around the outside – they never fold It’s two pieces of luggage in one No more checked baggage fees SkyRoll was created by Don Chernoff. It all began one day as he was … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Industry Portage Co.

    Everyone knows what it is like to see something and know your world would just be so much better if you had it! 😉 Well, that was the case when I discovered the beautiful bags made by Industry Portage. I was immediately drawn to their rugged, stylish design. The Industry Portage Company designs … Continue reading