Gay Travel Information – Product Review – KEEN Footwear

KEEN – Innovative and comfortable products that transition seamlessly from work to play, and enables people to pursue a Hybrid lifestyle: create, play and care.

Some brands are just cool, as is the case with KEEN. 

Keen exudes a youthful, healthy, environmentally involved vibe. The outdoors. Supporting good causes. Adventure. Fun. Life. 
They have found the magic in splitting their times between work, play and giving back. They call this a Hybridlife. It is the KEEN mantra, their commitment to creating solutions in their products and business practices, to design footwear, bags and socks that enable you to play anyplace without a ceiling; and their promise to care for each other and the world around us. 
KEEN began in 2003. It all started by asking if a sandal could protect toes and the answer was…yes. The Newport was born. This one radical departure for sandals inspired the overriding KEEN philosophy of hybrid innovation, of striving to create new possibilities in everything they do. The Newport was just the beginning for the KEEN youth line. They now carry everything from sandals to sneakers to socks and bags. They have winter boots and hiking boots for men, women, boys and girls. 
 KEEN products are designed with PLAY in mind. From mountains to deserts to city streets the KEEN playground is anyplace without a ceiling. They are not just a footwear company. KEEN is a way of life, created by a company built on hybrid innovation, redefining the outdoors and giving back to the community. 
How cool is that? 
KEEN’s mentality and Hybridlife has evolved to include their new campaign to bring FUN back into our day-to-day lives and “Bring Recess Back”! Learn more about this awesome campaign here:
The two pairs of KEEN shoes I am reviewing include the women’s Arcata Leather and the toddler Arcarta. 
The women’s Arcata leather sneakers are super cute and extremely comfortable.
They have a classic sneaker look that works well with both khaki’s and jeans! 
They are made with full-grain leather uppers and natural canvas liners. The removable PU molded footbed offers extra comfort for your feet, and with vulcanized eco-friendly construction and eyelets made…
The same can be said for the toddler’s Arcata which is a fun twist on the classic sneaker. 
The variegated synthetic upper is durable and comfortable, and eco-friendly construction makes sure your child’s ecological footprint is as small as his or her shoe size. My three year old niece loves her pair! 😀 
You can find all of KEEN’s product line via their web site:
Desiree Sousa
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