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GREG STEVENS DESIGNS – Simplicity & Functionality

Greg Stevens Designs makes some of the most handsome watch straps, belts and watches you will ever find. 
The product reflects the Greg I have come to know via email conversations. A passionate man all about simplicity and functionality. 
The passion shows through in his products. Every detail, right down to packaging, is a work of art. 

Greg built his first watch strap in 2005 and since has sold thousands to clients all over the world. 

Over the years he has expanded his offerings to include wallets, belts, watches, and other accessories. He sources the best materials he can hay his hands on and the clients complete satisfaction is always guaranteed. 


Most items are built to order and are worth the wait. The quality and craftsmanship is phenomenal. 


The items I am a proud owner of include a Vintage Military Swedish Gustav leather watch strap

From Gregg’s web site: 
VINTAGE MILITARY:  My Vintage Military straps are made from vintage Swedish & French military ammunition pouches.  My brother was checking these out the other day and commented, “They smell like history.”  I couldn’t have put it better myself.  The smell is a unique combination of leather, gun powder, machine oil, and maybe a little bit of mold–hey, they’re old!!!  Old stuff smells.  Personally, I love the chance to wear a bit of history on my wrist.  Obviously, they’ll look right at home on your vintage or vintage inspired piece but I also love the contrast of a vintage strap on a contemporary watch.  Loads of character and each one is unique.  

This belt is amazingly soft and and has a gorgeous buckle. 


From Gregg’s web site: 

Primo Belts: 

My Primo Belts can be made from almost any of my current leathers.  Substantial with a padded feel, this belt is guaranteed to make the rest of your belts jealous.  There are a lot of options when you consider leather, stitch color, and buckle options. 

The Black CXL, Antique Stitch Wallet is another favorite as well.
This slim wallet is beautifully crafted and super sleek and sexy. 

From Gregg’s Web Site: 


I’m the type of guy who will fill a wallet to capacity.  That’s why I created my slim wallet.  Simple design with just two pockets–plenty of room for the essentials.  My wallet currently holds my license, three credit cards and a half dozen or so business cards.  When used appropriately, the slim wallet compels you to simplify your life.  It also works great as a business card holder.  Can be made from just about any of my current leathers and makes for a really nice gift.  
With Christmas right around the corner, Greg Stevens Designs is an excellent shop to order something truly special for your loved ones. 

You can find all of Gregg Steven Designs products by visiting his web site at

Desiree Sousa


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