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SPENGLISH (SPƎNGLISH) – Supporting Happiness, Reinforcing Love and Celebrating Diversity

I have a lot of T-shirts. A lot. No, seriously – A LOT OF T-SHIRTS.  

Just sayin. 

SPENGLISH (SPƎNGLISH) stands out in my ever growing collection. The QUALITY is unlike any other tees I own.
They use 100% Premium Cotton with a very special double wash process so the fabric actually feels silky smooth on your skin. Best of all, they are true to size (applause please)! 😀 
Spenglish’s mission is to solidify and replenish identity by using textual art and colorful sense of humor. 
To manifest values, ideas, and history in such a way that it ultimately becomes a fashion statement. 
To UNITE ALL CULTURES and welcome their presence in the universe; to guide and to support them in a more contemporary and bias-free lifestyle. 
Just like love + happiness = peace, Spanish + English = SPƎNGLISH. The union of two amazing forces resulting in the creation of unique identity, To coexist while being able to nurture and accept ones roots is SPƎNGLISH’s ultimate purpose. To live a mindful life and practice fully present, is SPƎNGLISH’s ultimate path. 
SPENGLISH began in 2006 and is defined as a contribution of ideas, feelings, and solutions to the modern world. 

The (ñ) is their emblem, their flag. It represents uniqueness and unity at the same time. As we all know the (ñ) is the only letter that differentiates the Castilian alphabet from the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, and it is also the letter that brings us together amongst all the Hispanic countries. Subtle and elegant as it is, the (ñ) ‘s eyebrow is always wavy and playful, just like the team at SPƎNGLISH (ñ).


1. They support happiness and reinforce love.2. They believe in the freedom of speech as long as it is accurate.

3. They believe that everything in this Universe is connected and do not question their sequence of occurrence.

4. They learn from the past to prepare for the future, but we believe that NOW is the biggest PRESENT.

5. They embrace diversity.

 How could I NOT love a company like this? A great group of people with a killer selection of hot tees!

My personal collection includes the following:

Purchase these beautiful tees on the SPENGLISH web site: OR

Desiree Sousa


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