Gay Travel – Product Review – RHEYN Clothing

RHEYN – High quality sportswear with contemporary styling and value-adding details in the trims.

I love when I discover hot new fashion, as is the case with RHEYN, founded in 2009.
Background info: 
I had the pleasure of reviewing their Short Stop Henley in Blue and Varsity Hoodie
My first impression was of the absolute amazing quality.
The material has almost a silk like feel to it. Both items are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. 
The Short Stop Henley with its bright yellow arm stripe is bursting with style.
The Blue Varsity Hoodie is sure to keep you warm on a cool night. 
Both are form fitting and true to size which is always appreciated! 

ADRENE BOUTIQUE                               AKOMPLICE                             
264 Peters Street                                       1115 State St.                              
Atlanta, GA 30313                                       Santa Barbara, CA 93101                          
T: 404-688-8876                                         T: 805-687-6401

B.EXCLUSIVE                                           UNIVERSAL GEAR                     
336 Commercial Street                              1529B 14th St NW                        
Provincetown, MA 02657                            Washington, D.C. 20005
T: 508-487-0088                                          T: 202-319-0136

UNIVERSAL GEAR                                    UNIVERSAL GEAR
140 Eighth Avenue                                       715 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10011                                    New York, New York 10019
T: 212-206-9119                                           T: 212-757-2927



Desiree Sousa


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