Gay Travel – Product Review – Eyepster

Eyepster – Current, Fashionable, Unique and Attractive Sunglasses Eyepster was born in Miami as Glasiz, where sunglasses are as indispensable as house keys. Since early 2010, when the company officially launched, they’ve been pushing the limits of creativity and self-expression by putting their own twist on an already fun fashion staple.  Eyepster changes the way … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Prajaa Shoes

PRAJAA – High end street fashion, uniting the elegance of formal footwear with its casual, sneaker-inspired base.   Every once and awhile you discover a new product that instantly becomes a favorite. That is the case with Prajaa.  I currently own two pairs of Prajaa shoes and I can honestly say they are some of … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – COOKOO Watch

COOKOO – THE WATCH FOR THE CONNECTED GENERATION Okay, this just blew my socks off….oh wait… flip-flops….listen, something just blew off me! Why? Because this is just so – damn – cool!  Go grab a tissue, napkin or something because you are going to drool!  Your smartphone may not always be at hand—but the cookoo … Continue reading