Gay Travel Information – Product Review – HOMOSAYSWHAT

HOMESAYSWHAT – Cute Clothes for people with Dirty MindsHOMOSAYSWHAT has something gay to tell you! 

That is the tag line on owner, Adam’s, Kickstarter page.

This is Adam, say hello!

It goes on to say that: HOMOSAYSWHAT designs & screenprints Tshirts that use cute drawings to make dirty jokes so you can get away with wearing them in public.

Now THAT is right up my alley! 😉 

Adam’s Kickstarter project is the first step in his mission to make HOMOSAYSWHAT a known brand for gay designs. 

I recently came into possession of these fab T-shirts and am head-over-heels IN LOVE and maybe slightly possessed when wearing them…ahem.

How could you not love T-shirts that include such designs? 

Here is a photo of my partner, Jennifer, sporting her “I love Pussy” T-shirt (just sayin…..)

Purrrrrr! 😉

The T-shirts are great quality, the perfect length and definitely a conversation piece. 

You can purchase these DIRTYlicious tees for yourself by clicking HERE

Adam is a cool cat, or beaver, wait…cock? He deserves the support of the community! 

Learn more about HOMESAYSWHAT –

Desiree Sousa


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