Gay Travel Information – Morey’s FEARS – Terror on the Boardwalk – Wildwoods, NJ


Morey’s FEARS – Terror On The Boardwalk – Wildwoods, NJ

Morey’s FEARS-Terror on the Boardwalk returns for 2012 with NINE nights of nightmares.

OCTOBER 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 AND 27.

Morey’s Piers have recreated the attractions that made Morey’s FEARS a hit in bigger, badder ways AND added an ALL NEW top-secret haunted walkthrough so terrifying that they have to carry night-lights everywhere they go! Prepare for MORE fear on the pier!

Morey’s Fears is a gated event and general admission is required for entry. Ticket cards, wristbands and VIP tickets are not valid for entry to this event. Morey’s Fears opens at 7:00 p.m. and runs until 11:00 p.m. Your ticket includes admission to Morey’s Fears and unlimited use of available rides and attractions. Be warned: this event is NOT for the faint of heart (or children under 8). All ride and attraction requirements will be strictly enforced. Guests who arrive to the event in costume and/or makeup will not be admitted.



Terror Trench- NEW for 2012For the first time ever, we’re inviting brave guests to explore a fascinating and frightening community uncovered in the twists and turns of a toxic trench discovered during the construction of River Adventure. BEWARE: the workers- or what’s left of them- have not been exposed to mainstream society in decades. There’s no telling how they will react to outsiders…
CarnEVILClowns that no circus could keep run rampant on Morey’s FEARS haunted boardwalk in CarnEVIL. Wander through a carnivorous carnival on the nearly abandoned Wildwood Boardwalk where clowns congealed from cosmetics turned toxic. Now the concessions are rotting, the games are rigged and the prizes are more like punishments. Bozo’s got a bone to pick- YOURS!
The Other Side- NEW for 2012Pay a visit to the unsettled spirits of Wildwood’s past as you descend into a strange encounter of the paranormal kind.
CornStalkersA creepy corn field has ominously sprouted from the sand of the Wildwood beaches…
Ghost Ship 2.0If you think you’re brave enough, embark on a cryptic cruise on the Ghost Ship, which once again twisted her hulls to create a more morbid maze and increase your encounters with the cursed crew.


JumbosJumbo’s, located at the front of Mariner’s Landing, serves up their spectacular menu of wraps, fresh seafood and giant pizzas as well as some seasonal surprises.
The Scary SpotThe Scary Spot, located at the front of Mariner’s Landing, is the perfect place to feed that vicious sweet tooth.
Soup CauldronAt the Soup Cauldron, located across from the Musik Express, pick up a pumpkin shaped pretzel or some hot chowder served in a bread bowl.
Frightening Fritz’sLet Frightening Fritz’s fill you with fries, pumpkin spiced funnel cakes, pumpkin shaped pretzels, hot chocolate, coffee, hot cider, goblin juice and other treats.
Curley’s FriesCurley’s Fries will also be serving up the Boardwalk’s favorite fries and scream-worthy ShakeUps at the front of Mariner’s Landing Pier.

Other Thrills & Chills


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