Gay Travel Information – The Walart Wallet


The Walart Wallet is 100% recyclable, tear resistant, water resistant and made in Australia. 

It is a collection of art & design from around the world displayed on the one medium – THE WALART. 

Constructed from a single piece of enviro-friendly paper, resistant to mother nature and the dullness of everyday society.

The super thin stitchless design adjusts with use, to fit exactly what you carry. 

I recently purchased their 3D Wallet in HD – “From the Earth to the Moon” and love it! 

It absolutely does adjust to what you carry and is more than big enough to fit all my cards and cash and who doesn’t love a retro pair of 3D glasses?? 😉 

There are many cool designs to choose from. Click here for samples:

For more information visit: 

Desiree Sousa


Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information 


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