Gay Friendly Business Spotlight – Cabeau

Cabeau – Innovative Travel Pillows and Comfort  I have been eager to spotlight Cabeau’s travel pillow / travel kit since receiving my own earlier this month!  Cabeau (pronounced CAH-bo), founded in 2009, is your one-stop shop destination for innovative travel pillows, comfort products, and on-the-go gear. Cabeau’s goal is to provide a comfortable and restful experience to commuters … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – SkyRoll

SkyRoll On Wheels  Wheeled Suitcase & Garment Bag in One It’s a carry-on suitcase with a wrap-around garment bag Suits gently wrap around the outside – they never fold It’s two pieces of luggage in one No more checked baggage fees SkyRoll was created by Don Chernoff. It all began one day as he was … Continue reading

Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Scottevest Travel Vest

I am in love with Scottevest. Their (stylish) Travel Vest is a must have for every traveler! Those of us familiar with airport security know the hassle of having to empty your belonging’s into that little tray causing sighs of disgust (and maybe a curse or two…ahem) if you take half-a-second too long. We’ve all … Continue reading