Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Scottevest Travel Vest

I am in love with Scottevest.

Their (stylish) Travel Vest is a must have for every traveler!

Those of us familiar with airport security know the hassle of having to empty your belonging’s into that little tray causing sighs of disgust (and maybe a curse or two…ahem) if you take half-a-second too long. We’ve all been there! We’ve all stumbled and rushed only to set off the beeper again.

The stress! 

Well my friends – those days are over! Scottevest’s Travel Vest will make the ease of airport security (and travel in general) a breeze.

Simply remove the vest, which has 24 pockets and acts like an extra carry on bag, and you are good to go!

Instead of mumbles and grumbles from fellow travelers you will be cause on envy and intrigue! 

The Scottevest Travel Vest can hold everything from your iPad to your eyeglasses, keys and phone. 

The attention to detail is what makes Scottevest’s Travel Vest super fabulous! 

  • An exterior pocket has a clip for your keys on an extendible cord
  • Cell phone and mp3 player pockets are transparent, allowing you to operate your devices without taking them out of the vest
  • Sunglass pocket also holds a chamois cleaning cloth
  • Camera pocket includes a sub-pocket for a memory card

You get the idea! 

It is a brilliant invention! I don’t know how I ever got by without one. 

The days of rummaging through your carry on bag for the electronic device of your choosing are over. Simply take out the item of the choice from its designated pocket. 

Why deal with the hassle of an overhead carry on bag? 

Personal experience: I recently tested the vest out, filling up every pocket, and what amazed me was the lack of bulk! It didn’t look as if I had anything in the pockets and when you are trying to lose those extra 15 (::cough cough:: 30) lbs – no extra bulk is a good thing! 😉 I cannot wait to head up to Onatario, Canada this weekend and test the vest out again. 

::swooning over Scottevest:: 

Put it this way – I recently read that Scottevest products are so useful that famed travel writer and vagabond Rolf Potts recently employed them on a six-week, around the world trip in place of luggage. He did not bring one single bag. Nada. For more information check  Rolf’s wardrobe and packing methods.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I am looking forward to reviewing more of Scottevest’s products. 

Web Site: Scottevest

Happy Travels! 

Desiree Sousa


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One Response to “Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Scottevest Travel Vest”
  1. Thank you for the awesome review! We love hearing how much you like your SCOTTEVEST! It truly does make travel easier–we are happy you appreciate the luxury of traveling light!

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