Gay Friendly Business Spotlight – Cabeau

Cabeau – Innovative Travel Pillows and Comfort 

I have been eager to spotlight Cabeau’s travel pillow / travel kit since receiving my own earlier this month! 


Cabeau (pronounced CAH-bo), founded in 2009, is your one-stop shop destination for innovative travel pillows, comfort products, and on-the-go gear. Cabeau’s goal is to provide a comfortable and restful experience to commuters and jetsetters alike, transforming coach class woes into a First-Class experience.

Cabeau offers the most innovative travel pillows, comfort products, accessories, and on-the-go gear. 

Some of their most recent awards include “Best New Inflight Product” by The Airlines Retail Award (ARC) 2014, ARPrestigious “Seal of Approval” by Family Review 2012, “The Buzz Award” by Travel Goods Show 2011 and “Best Vacation Product” by Dr. Toy 2011.

As an avid traveler and neck pillow user, I can personally attest to the fact that finding a truly comfortable pillow has been next to impossible, up until now. 


The Cabeau memory foam Evolution Pillow is super soft and comes with 8 unique features; including 360° head and chin support, a soft washable velour cover, a media pouch for your phone or MP3 player, adjustable front toggles, and an attachable travel bag that compacts down to 1/4 the pillow size. 


I’ve recently been dealing with a bought of tendinitis which has caused me to sleep on my couch. Thanks to the Cabeau memory foam Evolution Pillow, sleep has been extremely comfortable. 

In addition to the Evolution Pillow I have also been using their Midnight Magic Sleep Mask, and, just like the pillow, it is the best quality sleep mask I’ve ever owned. 


The Midnight Sleep Mask has an adjustable nose bride made with a padded pliable aluminum strip allowing you to custom fit the mask to your face for 100% blackout. 

The Midnight mask also has memory foam earplugs and pocket to help drown out unwanted ambient noise around you. The earplugs are made with high quality memory foam and can be stored and sealed inside the side sleep mask pocket. 


It doesn’t stop there though! The Midnight Sleep Mask is also made with inner rounded eye liners offering a protective curve to keep the fabric away from your eyelids as you sleep, silky soft plush fabric that covers the inside and outside of the mask so it will rest gently against your face and adjustable elastic-free straps that comfortably hold the sleep mask in place and won’t tug or snag your hair! No more bedhead lines! 

Also included in their travel kit is a pair of the Bamboo Compression Socks.


The Fold ‘n Go Blanket





And a 4-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter



These complete travel kit can be purchased online for $99.95, which is an extreme value for the quality of products you receive. 


I will be taking my Cabeau products with me on all travels from here on out! 

Cabeau’s products are great whether you are an avid traveler, take an occasional road trip or are looking for added comfort at home. 

Two eager thumbs up! 

Desiree Sousa

Owner / Editor in Chief

Gay Travel Information | We Are Gay Friendly | Out & About Travel

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