Gay Travel Information – Product Review – Tula Hats



I do a lot of traveling and spend a lot of time in the sun. For awhile now my partner and I have been looking for the perfect hat to protect us from the sun while still being stylish. 

Luckily I came across Tula Hats! Not only do these hats pack easily, they are reasonably priced and quite stylish! 

Alice, owner of Tula Hats, comes from a family with a history of skin cancer and knows the importance of sun protection.

After consulting with commercial hat factories in Mexico they eventually were introduced to the village in Mexico that continues to produce the Tula Hat Line. They have been producing palm hats for over four centuries. Alice has developed a special friendship and trust with the hat makers.

Hats are needed for every day sun protection so Alice strives to design hats that make the wearer feel good and look their best. Her customers can be wearing jeans to cute summer dresses and have the health benefits of wearing a UPF 50+ sun protective hat that is also fashionable! 

My partner and I ordered the Unisex Durango Hat and Unisex Mesa Hat. 

Unisex Durango Hat

Unisex Mesa Hat

We were amazed at how quickly they arrived and the durable quality, not to mention how stunning they are! 

We also ordered the Child Cowkid Hat for our neice, who, as you can see from the following pictures, was made for the hat! 

I can’t say enough about the quality and pure awesomeness of Tula Hats. 

View Tula’s entire collection here:

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