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So last summer I was going through a major breakup. It hurt. It hurt – hard. One of those “out of the blue” type breakups where you get an “I love you” in the morning and an “I love you so much but….” text (yes, text) in the afternoon. Ouch. Between my cry fests, snuggle time with pets and support of family & friends I pulled through. When I re-entered the land of the living and ventured back online, I came across a T-shirt that made me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. It was the “I Would Cuddle You So Hard” T-shirt by Dpcted Apparel.

I remember looking at that T-shirt and daydreaming about walking into a club (or, lets be honest – bookstore, or better yet, Whole Foods Market- lol) and making eye contact with that one special person and having them give me “the look” — that THEY were the person I was meant to cuddle.

One should NEVER make this face….just sayin.

I knew I had to have the T-shirt. 

All of dpcted T-shirts are unique and fun, like the “Pierced For Your Pleasure” T-shirt. Need I say more?

You can view all of Dpcted T-shirts here:

And let me just add…..I found the love of my life shortly after and, while wearing my T-shirt, I sure did cuddle her hard! 😀 



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