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FLYINGFLIPS – FlipFlops for Good

At FlyingFlips they believe in spreading the love. For every pair of FlyingFlips you buy they give a pair to a human in need.

Smitten yet? 

They have partnered with Souls4Souls and Foundacion A. Jean Brugger to insure the shoes get to the right people in need. 

FlyingFlips is special. Not just your typical run of  the mills type business. 

They are a footwear startup based in super gay friendly Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Besides offering some pretty hot designs, they encourage YOU to submit design ideas as well! 

Find out more information here:

You can check out their designs here:

The pairs I own are: 

Sgt. Peppers Surfers and The House Red. 

Let me tell you that these are truly the most comfortable flip flops I have ever owned!

Even after walking in them throughout downtown Boston for several hours I am happy to report my feet didn’t hurt one bit. 

That makes them both stylish and comfortable. 

Even though summer is over doesn’t mean flip flop wearing time is! After all there are plenty of warm weather vacations to be had! 😉 

Learn more about FlyingFlips here:

Desiree Sousa


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