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Welcome Aboard the Privateer IV

2017 Trip Advisor’s #1 of 26 Tours in Gloucester

Since 1983, 7 Seas Whale Watch has had the privilege of introducing thousands of passengers to the many species of whales and other marine wildlife that inhabits the waters from Cape Ann and out to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Our trips run from mid-April to mid-October and are designed to educate, inspire and provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the fragile marine environment.

We are a family business – Three generations of career captains have worked from this very dock for more than 7 decades. We have a love and respect for the marine environment and a passion for providing the best possible customer experience for you and your family. Browse our website, reserve tickets on-line, call our sales office (+1-978-283-1776) or use our contact form to ask a question or send a comment.

We look forward to seeing you on the water!



We’re passionate about what we do and really care about our customers. We want your trip with us to an inspiring and memorable experience.


The PRIVATEER IV is the newest and most comfortable Whale watching boat out of Gloucester.


Three generations of sea captains navigating the waters of Stellwagon Bank and Massachusetts Bay. Our captains are the most experienced whale watch captains in Gloucester and know where the whales will most likely be found.


We are located in the heart of downtown Gloucester MA. Before or after your whale watch, explore downtown Gloucester’s shops and some of the best dining options in town.


We have lots of parking options on or very close to our dock. At 7 Seas you do not have to block-park your car five rows deep.



Gloucester is situated directly between Stellwagen Bank” and “Jeffrey’s Ledge” which are just 12 and 8 miles (respectively) from Gloucester Harbor. No other port in Massachusetts has quicker access to both of these important whale feeding areas.



Every one of our whale watching trips is staffed with a professional Marine Biologist/Naturalist to narrate your trip. Our naturalist have studied whales and lectured on marine biology in New England, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, New Zealand, Australia, and Antarctica!



Welcome Aboard ‘The Privateer IV’

Gloucester’s Newest Whale Watch Boat

Many people feel (and rightfully so) that the vessel you sail on can make all the difference in your whale watching experience. With this important consideration in mind, 7 seas whale watch is proud to offer our passengers what we feel is the finest whale watching boat in Massachusetts … the “PRIVATEER IV.”

The Privateer IV is the cleanest, newest, most comfortable whale watch boat in Gloucester. She is a 108 foot, aluminum hulled, fully U.S. Coast Guard certified vessel that was designed specifically for sight-seeing. We feel that she is the finest boat in the industry, and we are confident that the moment you step aboard you will agree.

The Privateer IV is the largest 149 passenger boat in the area. This means you have MORE SPACE per person than on any other whale watch boat on Cape Ann. There are boats that are slightly larger, but they put at least 100 more people onboard which greatly diminishes personal space.

Although our vessel was built for 300 passengers, we only carry a maximum of 149 passengers per trip to ensure your comfort and safety.

We recently had a professional Marine Surveyor conduct a survey of the Privateer IV and we want to share a part of what the Surveyor ended up writing in the report:

“This is a very well constructed vessel … and is certainly capable of operating safely offshore and in excess of her current route. The vessel is very well maintained and was found clean and orderly throughout. The crew is involved daily in both cleaning, painting, and inspection of the machinery and equipment and the vessel shows it. Care has been taken to provide safe footing and hand holds for passengers both on deck and in the lounge areas to prevent accidents. The layout is very passenger friendly and lacks many of the elevation or structure obstacles that can lead to accidents.”


A clean and spacious inside cabin is important to any whale watch boat. The cabin of the Privateer IV has large natural wood tables, cushioned seats, wall-to-wall carpeting, and more than ample space for you to move about the cabin.

At night the cabin can be illuminated by either fluorescent ceiling lighting or rope lights for a more relaxed ambiance. A full galley stocked with sandwiches, snacks, drinks and a full bar is also there for your convenience.

As important as a clean, comfortable inside cabin is to a whale watching boat, we believe that having the freedom to move about the outside decks is equally important to someone’s whale watch experience.

The Privateer IV has a wide, wrap-around lower deck that allows our passengers to have more UNOBSTRUCTED views of the whales than on other whale watch boats. There is ample room to walk about the decks without disturbing or having to step over other passengers.

The PRIVATEER IV also has a “Low-Profile” (close-to-the-water) hull design which means that you are closer to the water’s surface and the whales than on any other whale watch boat in Gloucester (except for the PRIVATEER I that we still occasionally use for whale watching on especially busy days). What difference does this make? It’s simple, the closer you are to the water the more dramatic and up-close the views of the whales… this type of up-close experience is impossible on a larger vessel (if you have ever seen whales from the deck of a cruise ship you know what I mean!)

At the bow (or “front” of the boat for all you first-time sailors;-) the PRIVATEER IV has a “Bow Sprint” which allows our passengers to walk out over the water for a fun and exciting view of the ocean below. As many experienced whale watchers may already know, HUMPBACK WHALES sometimes become curious about boats in the area and swim over to investigate.

Dolphins also “bow-ride” in the pressure wave created as a large vessel such as the PRIVATEER IV moves through the water. At these times a walk out on the bow sprint will give you unparalleled views of these animals as they swim directly beneath you!


The PRIVATEER IV has second level which features an open “Sun-deck” for panoramic views of the ocean, whales or the sights of Gloucester Harbor. On warm, Summer days there is no better place to enjoy the fresh sea air and take in a bit of sun on your way out to the whales. We at 7 Seas are proud to share our vessel with our customers and we are confident that you will enjoy your time aboard. Compared to ANY other whale watching boat in the industry you will find that the PRIVATEER IV sets the standard for cleanliness, comfort, stability and safety. After sailing with us we are confident that you too will feel that the PRIVATEER IV is the finest boat in the business.



Whale Watch Trip Description

7 Seas Whale Watch is located in the heart of historic downtown Gloucester, MA and in one of the busiest parts of Gloucester harbor. As soon as you board the Privateer you will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of Gloucester’s working waterfront. You may see fishing boats that have just returned from sea unloading fish, lobstermen baiting and setting their traps, and perhaps even some of our indigenous wildlife such as Harbor seals, Gray seals, Common eiders (a beautiful sea duck common in the harbor), Double-crested cormorants, and of course you will hear the ubiquitous “seagulls” (mostly Herring, Great black-backed, and Ring-billed gulls).

Shortly before leaving the dock your naturalist will give a short presentation to familiarize you with the area that we will be visiting (Stellwagen bank National Marine Sanctuary) and the whale and other wildlife species we are likely to encounter while on the ocean.

After the naturalist’s “dock talk” it’s time to cast off the mooring lines and get underway. As we make our way through the harbor your naturalist will point out the historic buildings and landmarks of Gloucester and tell some of the maritime lore surrounding this world famous seaport.

First, we will sail past the Cape Pond Ice company where you may see fishing boats loading up with tons of fresh-water crushed ice that is used to keep the fish that they catch very cold and fresh on the long trip home to Gloucester. You will the US coast Guard station, the Gloucester Sea Jacket Marine Paint Factory (a nationally registered historic landmark that is now the home of 7 Seas partners Ocean Alliance), Ten-pound Island, Hammond Castle, Eastern Point Lighthouse and the Dog Bar Breakwater and get commanding views of Gloucester’s skyline.

As we head out to see the whales, a narrated tour of Gloucester’s historic harbor is an important element of every 7 Sea’s Whale Watch.

After passing the Dog Bar breakwater at the harbor’s entrance we will begin making our way off-shore. The exact direction that we travel depends, of course, on where we expect to find the greatest concentration of whales. Our experienced captains (the most experienced whale watch captains on Cape Ann with over 60 years of combined whale watching experience) will take into account all variables (weather and sea conditions, where whales have been sighted recently, reports from fishing vessels already on the water, etc) to make sure you see the best of what your particular day on the water has to offer.

The trip out to the whales usually takes between 45 minutes to a little over an hour depending on the location of the whales. Remember that you will be traveling aboard the PRIVATEER IV: the newest and the most comfortable high-speed whale watching vessel in Gloucester and we trust that your trip out the whale’s feeding ground will be an enjoyable part of your trip.

Once we arrive on the feeding grounds we will spend approximately 1.5 hours with the whales. Your onboard naturalist will provide valuable insight into the lives of the whales you see and explain the behaviors you observe the whales engaged in. Our experienced team of naturalists and the information they impart during your time with the whales will greatly add to your whale watching experience and hopefully give you a deeper appreciation of the whales you see and the unique marine environment that we are ALL so privileged to be visiting.

While at times all of the whales are concentrated in one area (indicating that area is heavily laden with fish) at other times the whales may be more spread out. We DO NOT simply stop on the first whales we see and watch them for the entire trip! We make every effort to visit with many different whales (and different species of whales) to show you as much as possible during your time on the water.

It is important to remember that going on a whale watch is a lot like going on a safari. The animals that we see are not captive animals in the confines of a zoo or an aquarium, nor are they trained to perform “tricks” for our amusement. They are WILD and often ENDANGERED animals that are free to roam the ocean at will. This means that they may move many miles in the course of a day as they seek out the most productive areas of the ocean to feed. Thus we never know exactly where they will be, what species we will see, or what activities they will be engaged in. The unpredictability of the trip is part of the fun!

Given the productivity of the region and the fact that we have seen whales on OVER 99% of our whale watches during the past 30+ years, chances are very good that you will see whales!

After our time with the whales has ended we will begin our journey a back to Gloucester. During the trip home your naturalist will be available to help answer any questions you may have about the whales or their environment or to expand upon any of the topics discussed while viewing the whales. Again, our naturalists are the most experienced in Gloucester and have studied whales not just here in New England, but also in Alaska, Antarctica, Hawaii, Florida, Australia and New Zealand! Please take advantage of the opportunity to learn directly from some of the most knowledgeable whale biologists in the world.

We hope that this description of what a whale watch with 7 Seas entails has whetted your appetite for whale watching. Visitors to Gloucester have the rare opportunity to visit with some of the rarest animals on Earth in their natural habitat. It is an experience not to be missed and sure to be a highlight of your New England vacation!



Sunset Cruises aboard the Privateer IV

A sunset or evening cruise makes any special occasion even more memorable. Having a special celebration or party while cruising past the rugged coastline of Cape Ann, or watching the sun set behind Hammond Castle from the middle of Gloucester Harbor, will be a celebration that is remembered.

The Privateer IV: The Best Boat Around for a Party!

Do you plan on having music (a band or DJ) on your cruise? If so, you probably are going to want space enough to dance. The Privateer IV’s upper deck has a wide-open area for dancing. Compare this feature with any other whale watch boat in Massachusetts and we think you will agree that the Privateer IV is the best for a party!

Beside the roominess of the boat, the Privateer IV has other feature that makes for a great sunset cruise. The inside cabin has natural wood tables, cushioned seats, and plenty of room in the aft cabin for a buffet of any size. There is a full bar with draft beer and mixed drinks, as well as snacks and non-alcoholic beverages too. The top deck has PLENTY of room for a DJ or band lot’s of space left for dancing under the stars.


Where we go on your cruise depends on what you want to see. Here are a few suggestion based upon many years of crafting the best, most scenic, most comfortable routes fro evening cruises around the Gloucester/Cape Ann/North Shore of Boston area:


Beauport: Gloucester’s Historic Harbor

We depart from Seven Seas Wharf in the heart of Gloucester’s inner harbor. This is a perfect place to start your cruise because as soon as we let go our lines you will see fishing boats and lobster boats, the Gloucester Coast Guard Station, as well as the entire city skyline. Then we will cruise through Gloucester’s outer harbor and past Ten Pound Island, Normans Woe, and the Man at the Wheel statue which has become the symbol of Gloucester. Where we go from there depends on tide, weather, and what you want to see!

South Towards Salem, Beverly & Boston

One option is to cruise south towards Salem and Marblehead passing Kettle Cove, Bakers Island, and the many small, rocky islands of Cat Island channel on our way. The skyline of Boston is also usually visible on the western horizon. Its amazing how close Boston really is by water! This is a great cruise for anyone, but especially for people from the Salem, Danvers, Beverly, Swampscott, or Marblehead area that may have never seen this part of Massachusetts from an on-the-ocean perspective. Its really a very pretty and under-appreciated part of our coast!

North Towards Rockport & Ipswich Bay

A different itinerary would be to head north towards the rugged back shore of Gloucester and on up to the twin lights of Thatcher Island off Rockport. This route takes us past the most rugged parts of the Cape Ann shore. The granite islands and ledges that have befallen so many ships throughout Cape Ann’s history are also what keeps artists and photographers returning to this area again and again to try and capture their beauty.

The Annisquam River

A cruise up the Annisquam River undoubtedly offers some of the most spectacular views of Cape Ann. Make sure the tide will be right when you plan your cruise and you will be able to travel all the way around Cape Ann! To this we must travel through the Blynman Bridge on Gloucester’s Memorial Boulevard (where the famous Man at the Wheel statue is located). From there we travel up the 5-mile long Annisquam River, passing sweeping vistas of Salt Marshes and the white sands of Wingaersheek Beach before reaching Ipswich Bay. If the timing is just right, you might get to see the sunset over the bay which can be one of the most spectacular sights on Cape Ann. Then we travel through Ipswich Bay and around Halibut Point (the very tip of Cape Ann), through Sandy Bay and past Rockport Harbor, then past the twin lights on Thatcher Island and back towards Gloucester Harbor. Regardless of which cruise itinerary you choose we will do every we can to make your sunset or evening cruise a memorable one.



Whale Watch Trip Schedule

Our season runs from mid-April through late October. We offer one or two trips daily
depending on weather conditions and demand. Reservations are strongly recommended as we do sell out often.

April 15th-June 24th
1:30p Daily

June 25th-September 6th
8:30a & 1:30p Daily

September 7th-31st
Weekdays @ 1:00p
Weekends @ 1:30p

October Trips
1:00p Daily



Adults 17-59 $48
Seniors 60+ $42
Children 4-16 $32
Children 3 and under are FREE!


Tickets can be purchased 24/7 online, by phone or in person
A valid credit card is required for all reservations
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex
Cash and traveler’s checks are accepted at our ticket office


A $5 discount is offered for
students, military, AAA and seniors.
Please be prepared to show proper ID.


Learn more about 7 Seas Whale Watch by visiting – https://www.7seaswhalewatch.com/.

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