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ATTO – A New Urban Classic

ATTO : pronunced “àt-to”  is a small brand, dedicated to personal accessories design, a language, intended to express a certain view. They believe in a product that can live out of trends made of hard work full of passion.

With Christmas right around the corner we couldn’t wait to spotlight ATTO’s Hero bag.
Receiving this bag would make anyone share their milk and cookies with you! 😉 
This bellissimo bag, handcrafted in Italy, is made of natural tan leather with an inner lining in black cotton, an anti scratch YKK zip, 2 upper pockets, 1 side pocket, 1 inside pocket and 1 shoulder belt. 
 It is perfect for short travels, the gym or even shopping and can carry up to 1,000,000,000 of Euro (so I heard)! 😉 

A really cool feature of this bag is that it can be carried as a sac or backpack, due to its modular connections and its organic and deconstructed design. 
 My eyes lit up when I received my bag in the mail and I think I smelled the leather enough times to freak my fiance out, but hey, I couldn’t help it! 
The bag is of the finest quality and will make you feel like a millionaire! 
It is worth every cent of the splurge and is a bag that should last a lifetime. 
Price:£ 470.00 ($599 usd). 
You can purchase ATTO’s Hero Bag and learn about their other products here:
Desiree Sousa
Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information

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