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The Holidays are upon us and if you are (gulp) anything like me you are constantly searching for that gift that will either a.) shock the pants off of someone b.) cause an uncontrollable fit of laughter or c.) cause an uncontrollable fit of laughter while the person’s pants are dropping. 

Kikkerland Design Inc., will help you obtain these goals! :D  

Since 1992, Kikkerland Design has traveled the world in search of original designs for things that can make like more enjoyable. Clever things to intrigue you.

Smart things that make everyday tasks easier.

And gentle things that make you feel happier when you use them. 

Kikkerland offers the world’s largest collection of ingenious items combining form, function, and delight in equal parts. 
You can find them in thousands of stores around the world, including museum and specialty shops. 
Or, of course, you can just stay home and order online at 
You can find a list of designers  here:

Find a store carrying products here:

I had so much fun ordering the following items!

So will you be the cause of someone’s pants dropping this holiday season? 

We sure hope so! ;)  

Desiree Sousa


Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information 

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