Fabulously Kitschy Dining at The Friendly Toast – Cambridge, MA!

Dine on Delicious Food  in an Americana Kitsch Museum!

My partner, Melanie, and I have been to some pretty interesting restaurants within the past four years, but Friendly Toast is, by far, one of the most unique!
Having experienced the original Portsmouth, NH Friendly Toast (and falling head over heels in love with it), we couldn’t wait to check out the Cambridge, MA location.
We arrived for breakfast (which is served all day) on a Sunday afternoon at12:30pm. There was a line out of the door, but luckily we were seated in record speed.
The first thing you notice, besides the swarm of people, is the large bar with wig heads, kitschy decor and a slew of hipsters sporting a rainbow of hair colors and tattoos that would make Picasso proud.
Friendly Toast is definitely not a typical restaurant. It is extremely hip, funky, and pretty damn fabulous!
We loved the Kermit-the-frog-colored green walls and quirky, Americana decor. There were a mix of college students, Goths, punk rockers and families all dining together in perfect harmony.
Ah, the joy of food, liquor and conversation on a Sunday afternoon!
Friendly Toast is such a feast for the senses. I couldn’t stop looking around and appreciating every little thing. I am definitely one of “those people” who notice how a place is decorated and the way it affects the restaurant’s vibe.
Friendly Toast is like an early 80′s R.E.M. song mixed with 1950′s doo-wop, Route 66 kitsch, 1960′s swag and today’s alt-grunge.


I must’ve annoyed my dining neighbors with the number of pictures I kept taking. I can’t get enough of these type places!
So, yeah. The place is cool.
How about the food?
Well, you’re in luck because the food is delicious also! It is a well know fact that Friendly Toast is thee place to go for late night eats and all-day breakfast. Both times I have been to Friendly Toast I have gotten breakfast. Something about the name that just makes me crave carbs & maple syrup!
I ordered their French Toast made with homemade Anadama break (a New England classic made with cornmeal & molasses) and home fries.
I should’ve known from when I ordered the flyer-saucer huge pancakes at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH that the French Toast would be just as big, but I was hungry and my stomach took over my brain so I ordered the (gulp) 3 slice order.
Dear Lord.
I’m surprised the waiter didn’t need a splint after carrying that dish over to me! The slices of bread were HUGE and THICK and OH SO GOOD! I barely made it through one piece. Luckily the leftovers were just as yummy.
The home fries were perfect as well. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and flavored with just enough spice to make your forehead break out in a mild sweat.
Melanie ordered the Herb Omelette with fresh basil, dill, cilantro, brie, roasted yellow peppers and cashews. Need I say more? Just reading that should make you salivate. To make things even more spectacular, it came with special homemade maple toast. She absolutely loved it.
You can tell how good something was by the guilt that follows and boy did we feel guilty.
Gym anyone?
The service was quick and friendly and the prices reasonable for a city location.
* Friendly Toast serves a range of food items and offers breakfast all day.
* They are located in the 1 Kendall Square block which is also home of Kendall Square Theater, Flat-top Johnny’s, the Blue Room and Cambridge Brewing Company. They are only 2 blocks east of The Garment District. From Boston take the Longfellow Bridge off of Storrow Drive, which becomes Broadway Street, and turn right onto Hampshire Street. Friendly Toast is immediately on the right at 1 Hampshire Street.
* Friendly Toast’s back dining room is available during off-peak hours for parties, meetings, and get-together’s. Appetizer, full, or prix-fix menu options are available. Room rental fee when situation demands.
HOURS: Sunday-Tuesday 8am-10pm; Wednesday-Saturday 8am-1am.
GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: Two thumbs up for sure! We saw many openly affectionate gay couples dining at The Friendly Toast and with a vibe this fabulous, you know the gays can’t help but be drawn here! :-)
I am hearby “OUTING” The Friendly Toast Cambridge, MA (and Portsmouth, NH) as gay & lesbian friendly and worthy of our business and an extra pound of two.
I can’t say enough about The Friendly Toast restaurants. They are both worth a visit as each is extremely unique and like walking into an Americana kitsch museum.
I’m already planning my next visit.
Desiree Sousa

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