Help This Lovely Couple Out & SWEET Will Match Dollar for Dollar!

sspowers activate Super Sweet powers activate

I came across this article on and was so moved by it, I just had to post it to our blog. This amazing, loving couple has endured many hardships, but their love and postive attitude keeps them going. Please read their story, and if you can, donate. Even the smallest donation makes a big difference.


susan becky1 Super Sweet powers activate Wonder Sweetie powers activate! Form of a brain cancer killing thingamabobber! I wish it were that easy. Yet, I’ve learned not to doubt the power of your collective sweetness, so here’s your next project. This one is very personal to me.

Seven years ago this month, I met Susan Nachand and Becky Cable on Olivia’s Western Caribbean Cruise, you know, the first one with the Indigo Girls. I was signing people up for karaoke, when I noticed that Susan’s slip said “Pleasant Hill, Calif.” Yo! That’s where I grew up, so we got to talking. We pretty much haven’t stopped.

You can’t believe how nice they are. LIke it’s ridiculous. It doesn’t seem possible that two people could be so freakishly happy with the world and each other. Nor does it seem like people this good are even possible. These women spend their days, evenings and weekends patiently working with special needs children. After years of trying to find out if it was all a front for an organ farm or fur seal-clubbing fetish, I’ve decided they’re the real deal.

It’s easy to be nice when you’re beautiful and smart and successful, which they are, but they’ve also been through more since I’ve known them than anyone should have to deal with in a lifetime. First, their oldest son Nick was hospitalized for four months with a mysterious ailment. Hooray, he’s totally fine now.

Next, Becky started having seizures out of the blue, culminating in the slow speed rear-ending of a police officer on Christmas Eve. Hooray, she’s totally fine now.

The Poop Jar Clan as I affectionately call them—after IM’ing with a then-10-year-old Sophia who identified herself as “Poop Jar” while she was logged into her moms’ account—consist of Becky and Susan and their lovely children Nick, 23, Maddy, 19, Sophia, 16, and Posy, 4. The Poop Jars are among my biggest cheerleaders. They insist that I find a way to work the words “poop” and “jar” into any live radio I do. And the Poop Jars get when the Poop Jars want. I’m sure there are a slew of radio hosts across this great land of ours who think I have fecal Tourette’s.

I digress. When Posy was born, she was given a very grim outlook. They thought cerebral palsy. They thought she’d never grow. They didn’t give her much of a shot at life actually. Fortunately, she was born into exactly the right family because these Poop Jars do not give up. There are no dark clouds over Poop Jar central in Pleasant Hill. They fought and they patiently nursed their bright little girl into the healthy, vibrant and smart girl she is today. Hooray, another miracle.

Two weeks ago, the mighty PJs got more bad news. I’m tempted to call in Shirley Maclaine. Maybe they ran that organ farm in a past life? Because this doesn’t make sense. Susan, perhaps the sunniest of all the PJs, was diagnosed with a lethal brainstem glioma. They say it’s inoperable. They say it’s incurable. The PJs say: “FU, tumor. You are going down.” And I believe them. These Poop Jars make miracles happen.

I want to be sitting around with Becky and Susan 50 years from now, fondly recalling a time our boobs weren’t like plumb bobs seeking level. It’s selfish, I know. The world has many problems. I promise, Sweet will get to them. Right now, we need your help to solve this one.

Are you ready for Operation Poop Jar? First, they need you to activate your Sweet wonder powers and send them tumor-murdering jolts of love sweet love. Second, they need money for treatment to send this glioma packing.

The PJs’ pals Cheryl and Tracy have set up the Susan Nachand Wellness Fund. You can give right online via Paypal or you can mail a check.

SWEET WILL MATCH YOUR DONATIONS dollar for dollar until May 1, 2011. Additionally, everyone who donates will be entered to win a junior suite for two at your choice of our upcoming resorts. AND the first three people to give over $2,500 receive their choice of Sweet resort vacation (Isla Mujeres, September 2011, or Cozumel, September 2012). Yes, it’s cheaper than buying it from us. That’s how important Susan and Becky are to our Sweet family. To enter to win, simply forward your Paypal receipt to or write SWEET in the memo line of your check and send it to: “Nachand Fund” c/o Cheryl Dumesnil, 39 Alder Avenue, Walnut Creek, CA, 94595.

We love the Poop Jars. We love you. We know that with enough love, we can do anything.


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