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Birmingham, AL Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Wedding and Family Portrait Photographer Serving the Beautiful Birmingham, Alabama area

Central Alabama is blessed with natural beauty, serving as a gorgeous backdrop for an array of memorable occasions, such as weddings, family events, and other special events. At Photocraft by Tom Warriner, we pride ourselves on capturing beautiful photographs for each and every client who’s looking to take advantage of this scenery.

We offer our location portrait and wedding photography services to the Birmingham area. We also can provide an officiant for weddings and vow renewals.

Visit the Gallery page and Facebook to view examples of our work. For information on pricing and availability, contact Photocraft by Tom. Also feel free to visit our Blog!

Trust your memories to an experienced professional photographer: Photocraft by Tom Warriner.


Professional Photography Services

He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and Florida Professional Photographers (FPP), Panhandle Professional Photographers (PPP), and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Photocraft by Tom Warriner offers online proofing, standard and canvas prints, albums, slideshows, and many other products and services. We can provide an officiant for your wedding ceremony. Contact Tom for availability and pricing. Don’t trust your wedding photography to someone who just received a fancy looking camera for Christmas. Remember that after the food and wedding cake are eaten, the band or DJ packs up the equipment and leaves, the tuxedo is returned to the rental company, and the wedding dress is packed away in moth balls, all you have left are the photos. Do you really want the photographer that says, “Since I’m just getting started, I can give you a really good deal on the price of your wedding photography,” the uncle who says, “I have a pretty good little camera, and I’ll be happy to shoot your wedding for free and let you print your own pictures,” or do you want someone who has the experience and equipment needed to produce the professional images of your wedding that you expect?


Wedding Officiant

Here at Photocraft by Tom Warriner, we do not just capture your wedding with photography. We can also preside over your ceremony, on our majestic beaches or a gorgeous local estate.

As wedding professionals in Birmingham, Alabama, it is our belief that each couple’s ceremony should reflect their own beliefs and feelings. No matter your creed or lifestyle, it’s our job to tailor the ceremony to perfectly fit you. It is your wedding, after all.

We have several prewritten wedding ceremonies, both religious and secular, from which you and your fiancé may choose. These may be modified with the alternate wording, poems, and prayers that we have available, and you are also welcome to include your own quotes, favorite poems, or personalized vows.

Our wedding officiant, Cindy Warriner, has many years of experience. Are you interested in having Photocraft officiate your wedding? Contact us today. We would love to help you make your big day go exactly as you dreamed.


Same Sex Weddings

Photocraft by Tom Warriner believes wedding photography should be a reflection of the unique love of each couple. There is no more important day in your life than the one on which you get married.

You deserve for it to be beautifully and thoughtfully photographed. You need an experienced, creative, and well-trained photographer; one who shoots candid moments like portraits, never misses a precious moment, and does so without being intrusive to the wedding couple or guests

Passionate about people and our home of Birmingham, Alabama, we are proud to offer a photographer and an officiant who believe in marriage equality. You chose our beautiful state’s scenery as a backdrop for your big day, so why settle for anything less from your photographer or officiant?

These are memories you’ll cherish forever. Have them preserved just as you want them. When you hire Photocraft by Tom Warriner, you will not just get a wedding photographer with over three decades of experience.

You get a veteran photographer’s assistant, who is also an experienced officiant, and the chemistry of two professionals who have worked together for many years.

If you are interested in booking us for your wedding, please reach out today. We look forward to working for you and to helping make your wedding day perfect.

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