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CANYONS is dedicated to the Middle Fork and The River of No Return rivers, to one another, and most of all, to YOU, theirguest on the river. Floating these free-flowing rivers is an extraordinary wilderness experience and a unique, human-powered way to travel through the largest wilderness area in the lower 48 states.  

Whether you are with a family or traveling as an individual, a newbie rafter or avid Class V kayaker, a bacon lover or a vegan, the staff of CANYONS is here to make sure this is YOUR personalized vacation of a lifetime.

CANYONS offers trips of varying lengths, 5, 6, 11 or 12 days, traveling through a breathtaking part of the country that very few folks get to see. From their team of experienced guides, mouthwatering menus, clear pristine waters and natural hot springs, to the deep granite canyons, warm white sandy beaches, world-class whitewater and blue ribbon trout fishing…river travel offers an opportunity to completely, and literally, unplug with the outside world and to reconnect with your surroundings. For a complete listing of CANYONS upcoming trips click HERE

SO….What the heck is a rafting trip, anyway?

A rafting trip is like no other way of travel. Each Canyons trip is different in its own authentic way. A group of as many as 24 guests and 6 guides spend six or twelve days on one of our amazing rivers traveling nearly 100 miles. The days and nights are spent exploring and essentially “regally” camping along the beaches and banks. So yes, it is a camping trip… but with fabulous dinner parties and unexpected luxuries. One of the coolest things about a rafting trip is all ages and physical abilities can share this magnificent landscape, world class white water, and magical outdoor experience together.

Check out RIVER LIFE for a typical day on a Canyon trip.

Frequently Asked Questions – LOGISTICS.

CANYONS Mission:

CANYONS is a community of lifelong paddlers and river guides that provides the highest quality multi-day trips on both the Middle Fork and Main Salmon rivers. We are stewards of these magnificent wild rivers and the unparalleled experience they each offer. Canyons is a team of talented men and women that facilitate guided journeys that leave everlasting memories. We strive to provide a nurturing, healthy, nourishing, impressionable, fun, adventurous, and safe vacation experience. We share our mutual passion of guiding, paddling, and exploring. We are dedicated to taking care of, and bettering the lives of each other, as well as those we journey with. In our “Canyons Family”, our guides are driven by their love of creating and sharing the essence of river travel and beauty of life on the river. We are committed to our role as the kayaking and canoeing support outfitter. We offer a variety of specialized trips catering to a spectrum of people. Our chief goal, in addition to hosting and building relationships with our guests, is to heighten the experience and showcase the power and soul of these remarkable rivers, The Middle Fork and Main Salmon.”

“RIVER PRIDE”  LGBT Adventure on the Main Salmon



Join Greg as your host again this year as we switch it up to a higher water adventure.  River travel is like none other and this is big classic western whitewater.  The Main Salmon and all its side canyons  are rich with human history and lore. Get ready to explore (BONUS!)… as June trips allow us the time and extra daylight to see all that the canyon has to offer! Bring your hiking shoes and your wine glass! Aww snap. Open to both men and women, this diverse trip will be promoted at Aspen Gay Ski Week in 2016.  This Main Salmon adventure promises hot springing, fabulous food, stunning vistas, and just a gay ole time.  Of course, ALL of Canyons trips are LGBT friendly.

 Click here to Learn more about LGBT & Gay rafting trips.

Why Choose Canyons? Their Staff…their number one asset! 


Canyons has been operating on the Salmon since 1985, and some of their guides have been with them for more than 25 of those years! Nearly half of their client list has returned with them and some for over 15+ trips.

This great success is a tribute to their incredible guides and staff. All of the river community is comprised of very talented passionate people, but CANYONS feel they have something very special with their guides and the intertwined family they have built. CANYONS is made up of diverse, dynamic, authentic, dedicated, driven, creative, skilled individuals who often form lifetime friendships with their guests. They  take good care of their guides with a wellness program that includes a yoga, chiropractic, and massage program as well as the opportunity to bring a family member or friend on a river trip, complimentary, each year. They develop an annual continuing education program with their advising doctor and refresh their guides with a formal whitewater rescue course taught by leaders in the industry (which includes members of their staff). They require above and beyond the standard first aid and training requirements set by the state of Idaho Outfitters & Guides Licensing Board and all theur guides are WFR, OEC or EMT certified. And Melissa, their reservations manager, along with Rick, their driver, are like magicians when it comes to logistics. Though you may not even meet them, these two are invaluable to Canyons and all the preparation that goes into your journey with them.

You have choices…

  • VARIETY. CANYONS offer more variety of crafts for their guests than any other company. You can be as active (or relaxed) as you want on a Canyons trip….choose from oar rafts, paddle rafts, inflatable kayaks, hard shell kayaks, canoes, 2 person paddle cats, and Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs).
  • RIVER SAFETY. Canyons founder, Les Bechdel, literally wrote the book on river safety (River Rescue, CFS Press, 2009) and they continue his tradition, with annual staff training and implemented protocols. With decades of experience, their safety record speaks for itself.
  • RIDICULOUSLY TASTY FARM FRESH FOOD. Many of the ingredients in their gourmet cuisine are locally grown, organic, sustainable and can be tailored to meet any dietary needs. They grow salad greens and herbs in raised-beds, right at their warehouse! Their guides LOVE to cook, and have some serious skills in the kitchen. Whether it’s baking fresh desserts in our Dutch ovens, preparing their signature breakfast-to-order every morning, or whipping up the perfect sauce while grilling up our tender filet mignon, their guides have it dialed.
  • RAFT SUPPORT. For experienced paddling guests, CANYONS has over 75 hard shell kayaks and canoes to choose from, at no additional charge, and their gear rafts carry all the gear.

  • 12-DAY TRIP OPTION. Their Middle Fork & Main Salmon permits line up to combine the two rivers back-to-back, for a 12-day, 200 mile, river journey….the longest free flowing river in the lower 48 states. They are based in McCall, Idaho, a beautiful lakeside resort town where you can end your Combo or Main Salmon trip. Stay for an extra day or two, exploring Idaho’s “mini Lake-Tahoe.” Highly encouraged!
  • SPECIALTY TRIPS. Along with our standard schedule of trips, they offer a few specialty trips: from Yoga & Kayaking,  Wine Tasting, Art/Photography, Gay & Lesbian friendly, to women’s specific trips with an all-female staff….they guarantee that they’ll have a trip to suit you!
  • PHILANTHROPY. CANYONS regularly donate trips to help support several local and national causes that are important to them, including: Idaho Rivers United, Treasure Valley Land Trust, McCall-Donnelly Education Foundation, Children’s Hospital, American Cancer Society, and MCPAWS Animal Shelter.
  • MORNING POETRY AND YOGA.  They like to start their days off right, allowing time to appreciate the day and stretch. Why be in a hurry? You’re on your vacation.
  • HIKES.  They love these canyons, after all, it’s their name. They love them from every angle, and if you are game, they will take you there. If you are particularly interested in hiking, they suggest their June trips that provide a faster flow for more land-based exploration time.


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