Boston Skydive Center – Smithfield, RI

Boston Skydive Center | North Central State Airport | 300 Jenckes Hill Road | Smithfield, RI 02917 | 1-508-759-3483


Jennifer and Kate are the two adventurous ones here at Gay Travel Information so it was no surprise that Kate jumped (slight pun intended) to the offer of experiencing one of Boston Skydive Center’s Tandem Parachute jumps! 


The expression on Kate’s face pretty much says it all, but here is her review of her “bucket list” experience with the folks at Boston Skydive Center: 


“With a short drive south of Boston to Smithfield, RI, an opportunity to dance on the clouds awaits.

Skydiving is a funny term, theres no diving….there is falling and flying and I had the truly phenomenal pleasure of this “bucket list” experience.


Dean from Boston Skydive works with his wife, children & several co instructors to provide an incredible, life marking moment.


With some education of body movements, equipment, and safety precautions I was ready to go!



Dean & I, along with another team of tandem jumpers and the pilot (thank God for him) pilled in to the small plane.


While flying up to the necessary heights we all chatted easily about family, jobs, and jumps.

Dean my instructor, and Jeremy my co jumpers instructor, have a combined experience of over 45 years….and it shows!

They were experts at putting us at ease with information and gentle reminders. Before I knew it we were 10000 feet up, the door was open and Dean was reminding me how to move my body and checking my harness.

Sitting on the edge with the wind ripping through me I could see for miles.


The Boston skyline and Providence line right in front of me. But I have to share, the part of the view that made me smile biggest was seeing the top of clouds. Not that I thought clouds looked any different from this different angle, but here “I” was..ABOVE THEM… looking down!

Was I scared? I thought I would be… however Dean & Jeremy put me at such ease I was ready and excited! 

During the entire experience Dean took video and photos from a wrist camera that provided memories to be cherished forever. 

Out went Jeremy with his tandem diver.. they looked like they were in a painting.


1, 2, 3 and I was falling, nearly a minute becoming one with gravity.



Dean aided in pulling the chute and then it was like floating beneath a big balloon.

I got to steer (with Dean’s assistance) toward the field and land ON MY FEET!


Boston Skydive was a total professional and incredible time that I will always remember.

DO IT. You wont regret a thing.” – Kate Chellman / Gay Travel Information


Boston Skydive Center is the closest skydive center to Boston and Providence. 


Experience the amazing thrill of skydiving, with New England’s most experienced tandem parachute instructors! 
With just 20 minutes of ground preparation you can jump out of an airplane at 10,000 ft with the guidance of a USPA instructor on your very first jump!  


Desiree Sousa
Owner / Editor-In-Chief
Gay Travel Information | We Are Gay Friendly | Out & About Travel

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