Mother Mystic Spiritual Apothecary – Providence, RI

Mother Mystic Spiritual Apothecary | 179 Dean Street | Providence, RI 02903 | 401-353-3099


Mother Mystic is Providence’s only metaphysical and natural health supply shop, striving to provide you with the best products and services to meet your spiritual, magical, and alternative health needs.

Whether you are nourishing the spirit within, seeking Spirit above, or manifesting Spirit below, Mother Mystic hopes you will find what you need in their store.


Mother Mystic carries a variety of metaphysical, witchcraft/wiccan and magick supplies such as: candles, smudging supplies,oils, curios, genuine animal parchment, Lucky Mojo Curio Products, incense and resins, Rune sets, Tarot decks, crystals, skin care products, practitioner grade Aromatherapy essential oils, pendulums, natural soaps, gift items, ritual items, the Witches Almanac, plus books on a variety of topics including: magick, the occult, herbs, healing, spirituality & more! A variety of over 100 bulk herbs, roots, and resins awaits you, and they will special order if we do not stock what you need. Custom carved candles and custom mojo bags are also available to suit your specific needs.


They believe the soul is nourished by beauty, and we offer local artisan handcrafted jewelry in addition to statuary, posters and other artwork.

Psychic readings, Reiki treatments, Hypnosis and classes on a variety of topics are available.



Mother Mystic is Providence’s most mysterious shop!  Honoring all paths to the Divine, they cater to the pagan, wiccan, metaphysical and alternative health communities in Rhode Island and around the world.
Founder, Rev. Mother Susan Asselin is a lifelong Rhode Islander, born and raised in Providence.  
She is ordained in the Universal Life Church and is also an initiate of a Traditional Witchcraft coven.  Her studies have included:  divination, herbalism, aromatherapy, hypnosis, palmistry, Reiki, rootwork, metaphysics and spirit communication.  She founded Mother Mystic as a home based business in 2004 and moved into a brick and mortar location in 2009. She offers classes, workshops and individual readings designed to empower and enrich your life.



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