Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza – Warren, Rhode Island

Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza | 495 Main Street | Warren, Rhode Island 02885 | 401-245-0045


It might not be the best idea to write while my stomach is growling but my enthusiasm to write about Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza in Warren, Rhode Island is off the charts, so alas I shall write about delicious food as I nibble on grapes, pretending they are meatballs. 

547329_10150677396268614_895688832_nThe first thing that comes to mind when I think about Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza is owner / chef, William (“Billy”) Manzo.

1978608_10152251204958614_678793761_nBilly is the poster child for a passionate cook.

He is the type chef you will see both working feverishly in the back and checking in with his diners out front.

25396_322445163613_6576798_nThe type chef that actually sits down at your table and talks with you as if you are family.

Billy is just a cool guy (and as my mother says, “a handsome son of a bitch”).  

474847_10151603322193614_1118448258_oHe has such a warm smile and genuine personality. He’s the kind of guy that dudes (and lesbians) develop “bromances” on. Seriously. THAT likable. 



IMG_2177Every time I, my wife, friends or family have dined at Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza, Billy has ALWAYS made it a point to check in with us and say hello. And, let me stress, Billy isn’t the only person winning hearts at Federal Hill Pizza, the rest of the staff is super down to earth and friendly too. Just ask for Donna and you’ll know what I mean. End of story. 

See, as an Italian myself, having grown up on the actual “Federal Hill” in Providence, RI — these are the type things I notice. Beside the deliciously authentic Italian food, the ambiance and service is of great importance to me and Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza delivers. 


IMG_2174Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza opened in 2005 by William Manzo, Jr. (Billy) out of the back of his cigar lounge on Federal Hill in Rhode Island. It was there that Bill’s pizza began to take off and people started to take notice. Even his dough was a hit, so much so that people would start to ask to purchase just that! Before long Bill started acquiring wholesale accounts for his pizza dough and shells. In over two years Federal Hill Pizza products were in over two hundred supermarkets throughout RI, MA and CT! 

1039957_10151652918293614_2035069823_oBefore long Bill knew it was time to open his very own restaurant, which is now known as Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza.

175932_10151241369048614_867501690_oOpened in 2010, this full-service restaurant in Warren, Rhode Island showcases Billy’s unique style of Neapolitan brick oven pizza and an array of other menu items. Everything from salads to burgers in a cozy, family-friendly setting. 

1796783_10152217973348614_805574301_oI can personally attest that not only is the pizza to die for, so is the food. Let’s be honest, with Italian food it’s all about the dough and the sauce (excuse me “gravy”) and both of these are killer!

I have tried everything from their “The Owner’s Favorite” pizza to their Chicken Parmesan and Sicilian Rice Balls. It would be virtually impossible to choose a favorite.

196916_10151313543543614_393183992_nOh, and don’t even get me started on their Pizza Margherita or Caprese Pizza. I’m salivating just thinking about it and let me tell you, these grapes aren’t cutting it! 

Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza uses a real Neapolitan pizza dough recipe (flour, water, yeast, salt) which is best used for pizza, calzones and dough boys. The recipe was developed from Billy’s combination of cooking with his grandmother and numerous visits to Naples, Italy. 

1148967_10152234531743614_1715108375_n** FAQ ** Federal Hill Pizza also boasts 18 rotating craft beers on draft as well as various bottled craft beers.

10401459_10152408870768614_7051090746941085863_n** FAQ ** Federal Hill Pizza will supply both individuals and restaurants with dough and their renowned pizza products. They have programs to fill just about any need. Federal Hill Pizza also offers comprehensive training. 

1236297_10151838238978614_2122155024_n** FAQ ** Chef William Manzo, Jr. is a member of the World Pizza Champions Team with whom he travels extensively competing in various pizza competitions all over the world (sounds like a dream gig to me!) 

522413_10151498115463614_854037406_nRecently two of Gay Travel Information’s colleagues, Linda & Elizabeth, had the pleasure of dining at Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza and they haven’t shut up since stopped raving since.

First it was the food. Then Billy. Then the food. Then Billy. Food. Billy. Food. Billy. You get the idea…..

get-attachment (1)They were excited about the conversation they had with Billy, learning that he had a major and minor degree from Rhode Island College and was going to be a lawyer but was not happy doing that so went into business to make pizza because cooking is what makes him happy. 

“All that matters in life is to be happy!” ~ William Manzo Jr. 

::HIGH FIVE:: to that as I couldn’t agree more! 

Billy comes from a family of chefs and beside his grandmother, it was his uncles that taught him how to cook. 

** FAQ ** Good food, good looking aaaaand good heart — geez — Chef Manzo, Jr. gives back to the community with Hasbro-Chefs feeding kids and with Camp Dotti for terminal children. 

IMG_2175** FAQ ** Chef Manzo, Jr. once did a 7-course meal for the Jack Daniel’s Corporation. He mad everything with Jack Daniel’s in it. Let’s just have a moment for the deliciousness of that scenario. Yum.

1048647_10151652911653614_941616360_o** FAQ ** If someone comes into Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza and and wants a certain type dish that is not on the menu, Billy will make it if he can. For example, a gentleman came in wanting squid, so Billy cooked it exactly as the man wanted it. He was so impressed he now comes in for it all the time (and squid is now on the menu). 

** FAQ ** Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza host an array of special events / entertainment at the restaurant including live music, special beer tasting dinners and trivia night. For up-to-the-minute information visit www.federalhillpizza.com

For appetizers Linda & Elizabeth enjoyed the Sicilian Rice Balls (deep fried rice balls made with pancetta and mozzarella with a side of gravy) and Broccoli Rabe (sauteed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil). 


IMG_2165For the main entrees they enjoyed “The Owner’s Favorite” pizza (fresh mozzarella, red sauce, prosciutto, mushrooms, goat cheese and basil cooked well done) and the Chicken Parmesan. 



Everything was, as they put it, “@^&*!!$$ delicious!”

I mean….sometimes you just have to say it as it is. 

Elizabeth washed her’s down with an equally delicious Yuengling Black Tan beer. Mangia! 

IMG_2168For dessert they were treated to the Coco Pane with Nutella (made fresh upon order).

281071_10151227302353614_36694831_oThis Italian dough boy like dessert dressed in an assortment of chopped nuts and served with Nutella and powdered sugar was out of this world delicious and a perfect ending to a perfect meal. 


  • Click HERE for Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza Menu. 


  • Click HERE for more information on Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza Wholesale. 


  • Consider yourself lucky! 😉 Click HERE for recipes by Chef William Manzo Jr. 


  • What’s Billy and The Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza team up to? Find out HERE


  • Mon – Wed: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Thu: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Fri – Sat: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
  • Sun: 11:30 am – 8:00 pm

10458096_10152458389053614_2641744293361285221_nGAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: This is a biggy because regardless of how delicious the food is, if the service is unfriendly and you simply feel uncomfortable, you most likely won’t return. No need to worry about that here! I am happy to report that the entire Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza team, especially owner Billy, is super LGBT friendly / welcoming. As a matter of fact, Billy actively reaches out to the LGBT community and has always treated me and my wife with nothing by the utmost respect. See, the thing is — it is a NON issue at Federal Hill Pizza. EVERYONE is welcome. Period. And YES, unfortunately in today’s day and age WE DO still have to worry about the businesses we support because there are some people that simply — don’t welcome us. At least not with “open arms”. At Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza they are already embracing you before you step inside! 😉 😉 The overall vibe of the restaurant is infectious. This is the type restaurant where you WILL become a regular. Yes, of course you go for the food, but you also return for the people that make Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza what it is. The heart and soul of the establishment. It’s what separates “okay” restaurants from fantastic restaurants. You can’t have great pizza with only good sauce. You need the dough, sauce and ingredients to compliment each other. That perfect fusion. That is what the ambiance and staff do for the restaurant. They are the “cherry on top”! I more than happily “OUT” Federal Hill Brick Oven Pizza as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business.

1234356_10152235670298614_1358603471_nFederal Hill Brick Oven Pizza has so much going for it. A great location in the beautiful, artsy, waterfront town of Warren, Rhode Island. A friendly staff. Cozy environment. Delicious food and, most importantly, one of thee most passionate, lovable chefs around. 

1507750_10152249546268614_1041674040_nIt may be hard to not pinch his cheeks. 

You’ve been warned. 

Desiree Sousa

Owner / Editor in Chief

Gay Travel Information | We Are Gay Friendly | Out & About Travel


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