Unstitched Utilities – Eco & Vegan Friendly Shoes

Unstitched Utilities – Eco & Vegan Friendly Shoes


Here is a product that truly impressed me – fashionable, eco and vegan friendly shoes. No joke. 

Unstitched Utilities fashions their shoes from recyclable materials, re-purposed elements, vegan dyes and glues. 


This line of sustainable forward-thinking shoes provide the consumer with a hip and trendy alternative to the usual standbys.

And yes — they are comfortable, extremely comfortable actually!

My partner and I love our sneakers, including the Cosmo Quilted ($80.00).


and Poobah Tvek ($79.99)


The material, Tyvek, is a flashspun high-density polyethylene fiber that is water resistant, highly breathable, extremely durable and very lightweight. 

Tyvek is vegan-friendly and sustainable, as it is a recyclable material as well. 

Check out Unstitched Utilities latest selection by clicking below links. 

You can also follow them on Facebook at – https://www.facebook.com/UNSTITCHEDUTILITIES.

Desiree Sousa

Owner / Editor in Chief

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