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SPOOKY WORLD PRESENTS – TERROR in RHODE ISAND / 1000 New London Ave / Cranston, RI 02920 / 401-474-6336.

October is one of Gay Travel Information’s favorite times of the year! Why? Because we get to review super fun AND scary haunted attractions for our readers.


Our first stop of the season was Terror in Rhode Island presented by Spooky World.


Terror in Rhode Island delivers THREE terrifying haunted attractions, immersing you in a world of fear and panic as you visit each haunt.

What makes Terror in Rhode Island extra cool is that there is more than just “haunts” to enjoy. The scream park also includes food, games and music. This provides for an entire night of entertainment.


I had a group of friends join my wife Jennifer and I at Terror in Rhode Island’s opening night.


Mulligan’s Island , a 64 acre unique golf and entertainment facility, is the PERFECT spot for Terror in Rhode Island!

As you pull into the parking lot you will notice an eerie fog and and heart screams for help. This instantly sets the mood for – FEAR! 😉 


There is plenty of parking (which is only $5) and the walk is easy enough (and wheelchair accessible – as are the attractions). 

As mentioned earlier, we were there on OPENING night and the lines were HUGE!! Thousands of people!! 

If you don’t like waiting in line, have no (ahem) FEAR, Terror in Rhode Island offers special “VIP” tickets which get you to the front of the line (more on that in a bit). 


We all found the layout and process of getting tickets extremely easy.


Before we knew it we were walking through the field toward our first attraction (and encountering many scare actors along the way)!



The atmosphere was ENERGETIC and FUN with carnival games, loud, pulsating music and areas to enjoy a quick bite or drink.


Terror in Rhode Island has THREE haunted attractions.

The first we DARED was DARKNESS FALLS.


The name sums it up. This attraction is – PITCH BLACK. The only thing lighting the way is a simple glow stick. You are completely immersed into complete darkness. If you are afraid of the dark, be sure to wear depends or something. Just sayin.

Inhabitants are very restless with the thought of “new uninvited guests entering their house” and will be sure to let you know they want you gone.

Every corner will make your heart beat faster and may cause you to grip a body part of your companion extra hard. Ouch! 😉

Next were found ourselves entering THE DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND.


The design of this old cemetery / corn field is SPECTACULAR and reminded me of something right out of a horror movie!!

We were all impressed with the lighting, set designs and scare actors. It was SO eerie and reminded me of being in a haunted cemetery somewhere in New Orleans or Savannah.

The attraction gives you the sense that you have wandered a little too far from the path. You know that feeling of being lost? When you start feeling panic of being followed?

Yeah. You get the idea.


Not only is this attraction scary, it is beautiful in that scary-sort-of-way.


The last attraction we visited was FESTIVAL OF FEAR. This was the group’s favorite! It was as if you entered a psycho clown’s rave party!



With house music blaring and mesmerizing 3D-effects, you will feel “tripped out” and FREAKED OUT for sure!

I mean, WHO ISN’T AFRAID of sinister clowns??? YIKES!!!




This attraction is themed after a “good ol’ fashioned freak show” and delivers ten fold!


We found ourselves dancing to the music, screaming, laughing and just having one HELL of a time! 🙂






  • HOURS – For current operating times, please click HERE.


  • TICKETS / PRICING: The cost for general admission on Friday & Saturday is $29.99 per person; $24.99 on Thursdays and Sundays.  VIP “front of the line” access tickets are available for $49,99 Friday & Saturday; $44.99 Thursday and Sunday. Our group had VIP tickets and were SO GLAD since lines were VERY long. It is a pretty cool feeling to bypass everyone and enter right away.


  • The admission includes re-entry opportunities! You can visit each attraction over and over again!


  • Snacks and drinks are available for purchase.


  • Parking is $5.00.



  • The park is open RAIN OR SHINE Friday and Saturday evenings. Please check web site to see if park will be open if heavy rain is forecast on a Thursday or Sunday evening.


  • Special group rates are available.


  • Porter Johns are available for your, err, convenience.


  • Credit cards are accepted.


  • Children are welcome but under the advisory of parents.


  • Special KIDS DAYS take place October 20th and 27th.


  • For more FAQS on Terror in Rhode Island please click HERE.


Terror in Rhode Island is SCARY and loads of FUN.

We all had a blast and enjoyed the atmosphere, scare actors and attractions.

I recommend upgrading to a VIP pass on busy nights!

Enjoy attractions over and over again. Make a night of it!

And be prepared to have the……shirt…..scared off you! 😉 


Desiree Sousa

Owner / Editor in Chief

Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information

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