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I remember when I started Out & About Travel back in 1999. I was 23 years old and had limited experience. What I DID have was an absolute passion and drive to let the gay & lesbian community know about all the gay  travel options available to them.


Out & About Travel was one of the first online gay travel agencies. Our web site was nothing fancy to look at but it was chock full of gay & lesbian travel information. It was a true labor of hard work and love.

Little by little our little agency started to grow in popularity. Before too long we had clients from around the word!

Fast forward to 2013 and we are know as “pioneers of the gay & lesbian travel industry.” 

Has it been easy? NO! But it sure has been worth it! 🙂

The competition continues to grow by, what I like to call, “the big guys” (Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity), and quite honestly, we could NEVER compete against their advertising dollars, so yes, we have gotten lost in the shuffle a bit, but are proudly still “going strong” and more eager than ever to provide memorable travel experiences for the LGBT community!



  • Out & About Travel DOES NOT charge a service fee! It doesn’t cost anything extra to book through us. Your business = our survival and we could never thank you enough.
  • Out & About Travel provides a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! If you find something online — let us know! We can meet or beat the price. 
  • We provide all our clients with 24/7 agent access. No automated service here! You get our personal cell phone numbers so that you can reach us anytime prior or during your trip! gaytravelinformationFB1
  • Our sister site – GAY TRAVEL INFORMATION, is a leading source of information for the gay & lesbian community when looking for TRULY gay friendly businesses to support. We offer hotel, restaurant, business, event and product reviews. We only give our “stamp of approval” to the businesses that are genuine and provide a great product. It is a POSITIVE blog that only focuses on the GOOD, as we only highlight what we believe in and support! 🙂


  • Our other new site, WE ARE GAY FRIENDLY, is a directory listing LGBT friendly businesses throughout the world. It is under construction and should be in full function mode by the end of 2013.


  • We LOVE ski trips! We have been specializing in gay & lesbian ski trips since 1999! We can customize a package to any of the popular gay ski weeks around the world OR help plan a mountain vacation getaway. Be sure to visit our web site dedicated solely to this at GAY SKI TRIPS.

Out & About Travel recently launched a NEW web site, which can be found at www.GAYTRAVELPROS.com.

Our new site allows for online hotel bookings direct from our site! No need to go to “the big guys” — book your hotels right from www.GAYTRAVELPROS.com!


We also have a new logo (i,e, “mascot”) — Our PRIDEFUL Squirrel, Warren (named after our hometown). 

The feedback on Warren has been faaaaaaaabulous! 😉



We are ALL over the Internet! Be sure to follow us and spread the word.







As always, we are here to help the LGBT community travel and experience the most gay welcoming destinations, businesses, events and products in the world!

Feel free to reach out to us at info@gaytravelpros.com if you need help planning your next getaway, honeymoon or ski trip!

We are also always interested in collaborations with companies interested in reaching the LGBT community.

Thanks for your continued support & love!


Owner / Editor in Chief

Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information / We Are Gay Friendly / Gay Ski Trips

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