Bio-Blaze: Bio-Ethanol Fireplace


Bio-Blaze describes itself as an innovative fireplace that functions on bio-ethanol. 
No installation. No chimney. No electricity. No gas. No smoke. 
My wife and I have the Hanging Model, Square Small II, and absolutely love it! 
 We live in a modest sized apartment and have always wanted a fireplace. When we found out about Bio-Blaze we knew we had to have one! 
The design of the Square Small II blends perfectly in our living room and was extremely simple to hang up (it weighs 77 lbs). 
 Within 15 minutes we finally had our very own fireplace! 
All we had to do was pour in some Liquid Bio-ethanol and ignite it. 
 You get roughly 3 hours per 1/2 quart of fuel (per burner). 
Not only is the Bio-Blaze a beautiful piece, it also emits heat. 
It is truly a beautiful piece, so much so we have become the envy of our family & friends! 😉
The Square Small II, which also comes in large, is available in Stainless Steel or Black. 
 You receive 2 burners, a tool to extinguish the flame, the hanging system, funnel for fuel, marble stones, a lighter and user manual. 
It is recommended that you install in a ventilated room (living room, sitting room, dining room, veranda). 
You can also purchase an optional heat resistant glass if you’d like.
Click HERE for more information on the Bio-Blaze Square Small II. 
ABOUT BIO-BLAZE: Bio-Blaze is a Belgian family company founded in 2002. It hit the market with a range of revolutionary flueless fireplaces. Bio-Blaze products are assembled in their own Belgium and USA based factories enabling them to offer safe products of the highest quality. 
Bio-Blaze fireplaces and burners are all patented, tested and verified products. The Bio-fireplaces are designed to suit most requirements and needs. Whether you want to renovate a fireplace or are looking for an out-of-the-box solution, Bio-Blaze offers you a wide range of innovative products. 
ABOUT THE FIREPLACE: No chimney! No gas! No electricity! No smoke! This means you can enjoy the warmth of a REAL flame. The Bio-Blaze fireplaces run on bio-ethanol fuel and do not need a chimney. They do not rely on any external connection (electricity or gas). The design of the fireplaces are specifically created for your interior and exterior decoration. Their natural yellow flames will instantly create a cozy atmosphere. In a condo, house or loft, on a balcony or in a garden, they can be easily attached to a wall, placed in an open space or put on a coffee table. 
Do I need a chimney/ flue?

Bio-Blaze fireplaces do not need any chimney or a flue.
Bio-ethanol burns clean in the burners and it is non-toxic .It releases very little of CO2.

How does the Bio-Blaze fireplace works?

The Bio-Blaze fireplace is a flueless fire combined with a bloc burner that runs on bio-ethanol. The burner can be lit with a long match or long lighter.

How do I attach my Bio-Blaze fireplace?

Bio-Blaze fireplaces do not require any flue, therefore they can be placed anywhere you want. The mobile fireplaces are to be placed on the floor and hanging models can be hung into the wall.
What is Bio-ethanol?

Bio-ethanol is a liquid fuel that is produced from environmentally friendly materials. This is the fuel of the future!

What are the advantages of a Bio-Blaze fireplace?

All Bio-Blaze fireplaces are tested and patented.
A Bio-Blaze burner: is environmentally friendly, burns with the fuel of the future, is easy to install, is ideal for apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels and office complexes.

What is the heating capacity of a Bio-Blaze fireplace?

On top of being a decoration item, a Bio-Blaze fireplace will provide you heat. It can be used as side heater.

How do I fill in the burners and how long should I wait before I refill ?

You will carefully pour in the bio-ethanol into the burners, using the funnel provided in the box. The burners can be filled up to ¾ level. Make sure that the liquid does not flow outside the burner. If it is the case, wait several minutes until it evaporates before lightning.
To light the fire use a long lighter provided in the kit, or a long match.
When the flames are out, you need to wait until the burner is cold (+/- 20minutes) before refilling.

Are there any legal regulations to be observed?

The German TÜV recommends the following criteria:
The fire cannot consume more than 0.5 liters per hour.
All metal parts must have been treated against rust.
Reading the assembly and manual instructions before using the bio-ethanol fireplace.

How long does a burner lasts and what is the cost of the fuel?

One liter of bio-ethanol will burn around 3 hours with a cost of 2$ an hour.

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  1. Class apart… Absolutely marvelous… These days ventless fireplaces are gaining so much popularity that communities are being created all over the web only for fireplace lovers. And why not after all these fireplaces represent your class..

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