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Salvation Cafe / 140 Broadway / Newport, RI 02840 / 401-847-2620

A visit to Salvation Cafe in Newport, RI is like visiting a local celebrity. It is a locals favorite (also popular with tourists) and as “cool as can be”, hip, eclectic and fun.


It’s not a follower, it is a leader and stands out with its absolutely delicious food and complete unique atmosphere.


I am grateful to be a local Rhode Islander, able to visit this gem of a restaurant anytime I want.

The second you step inside Salvation Cafe you feel as if you are part of something special.

get-attachment (12)

You have the expanded front section with its bar and quirky, cool decor.

get-attachment (9)

get-attachment (8)

And then you have the new back section which I can only describe as a log cabin decked out in a carnival-like atmosphere complete with colorful works of art and airstream-road trip hanging Christmas lights.

get-attachment (3)

get-attachment (26)

get-attachment (23)

If you are anything like me than this = paradise.

I was immediately impressed by the massive wood beams, fireplace and twinkling lights. Talk about a cozy place to dine on a FREEZING winter’s evening.


Okay, so we have established that Salvation Cafe is whimsical and fun, but I am happy to report is also has SUBSTANCE!

No matter how cool looking a restaurant is, it all comes down to the quality of food, right? Right! 

Hands down Salvation Cafe is one of the best restaurants in the entire state of Rhode Island.

get-attachment (2)aaa

The menu has something for everyone! Carnivore to Vegan!

My wife started the evening off with their Purple Rain Cosmo which she said was smooth, strong and fantastic.

get-attachment (16)

For an appetizer we shared the Hoisin Sticky Ribs served with spicy sesame napa slaw.

get-attachment (13)

The meat on these to-die-for ribs fell of the bone and melted in our mouths and the BBQ sauce was simply amazing and addictive! 😉

For our entrees Jennifer ordered one of Salvation Cafe’s most popular dishes, the Pad Thai (made with spicy peanut noodles and your choice of tofu, chicken or shrimp). 

I ordered the Bistro Filet (made with leek fondue, seasoned fries, and steak house butter). 

Oh. My. God. 

First off, the portions were HUGE. Either of these dishes could be shared, but it may be hard to do so because they are truly delicious.

Jen’s Pad Thai was amazing with just the right amount of spiciness.

get-attachment (29)

My bistro filet was cooked to perfection (well done yet moist in the middle). The leek fondue sauce was one of the best things I have eaten in quite some time. It reminded me of potato and leek soup, only as a cream sauce to top the steak with. Absolutely superb!

get-attachment (25)

The seasoned fries had a grated Parmesan cheese on top and was flavored with all different types of mouth watering herbs. Yum!! 

It was hard stopping mid way through our meal to make sure we saved room for dessert, but I am sure glad we did!

Jennifer ordered the Peanut Butter Toffee Bar (made with vanilla concord grape compote + toasted marshmallow foam). 

I ordered a special White Chocolate Bread Pudding that evening made with chunks of white chocolate and berries.

As if the meal couldn’t get any better, these desserts pushed it over the edge!

The Peanut Butter Toffee Bar tasted like a Reese Peanut Butter Cup yet was so unique and, yes, you guessed it —- DELICIOUS!

get-attachment (30)

We both couldn’t stop eating it which caused  it to disappear in record speed! 😉

The bread pudding was also yummy and overflowed with huge chunks of white chocolate.

get-attachment (33)

By the time we had ended dinner we had said, “OH MY GOD” and “THIS IS DELICIOUS” at least 100 times each! 😉

Let me also point out how fantastic service was. Our waitress was super friendly and efficient.

get-attachment (38)

The restaurant was hopping on a below zero Tuesday night. That says A LOT don’t you think?

We didn’t get a chance to peak at the outside section of the restaurant but they have a covered open air dining area that is utilized during the warmer months as well as fully open dining in the rear.


Parking is available on the street as well as in their parking lot.

get-attachment (15)


get-attachment (21)

HOURS: Open 7 days a week 5 PM – 12 AM and Sundays for Brunch 11 AM – 3 PM


EVENTS: Salvation Cafe has everything you will need to get your party started! Their new function room and revamped restaurant & bar make up one of the best options in Newport for warm, inviting & delicious private parties and functions. Click HERE for more information.


GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: Darling, this place is faaaaaabulous! Sorry, I had to “say it” like THAT because, well, IT IS!!! The quirky, fun interior is only matched with sinfully delicious food and it all = pure fabulousness! 🙂 Salvation Cafe is the type place where EVERYONE is welcome. Where individuality is encouraged. Newport, as a whole, is also very gay friendly and becoming more and more of a hot spot locals and tourists alike. With their Sunday Brunch, Salvation Cafe, would make the perfect spot to gather with a group of friends. It is also a great romantic date spot or summer night hangout. The service, food and location on (un-touristy) Broadway make this a must visit. I am wholeheartedly OUTING Salvation Cafe as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business.


Some places have delicious food and lack decor. Others have great decor and lack good food or service. SALVATION CAFE HAS IT ALL! It is the complete package and a personal favorite of mine. I cannot wait to return!

Desiree Sousa


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