Airport Grille – New Bedford, MA

Airport Grille / 1569 Airport Road / New Bedford, MA / 1-508-99-Grill

 The Airport Grille is a hidden gem if ever there was one.
Located at the small New Bedford, MA airport, this intimate, upscale restaurant is a personal favorite of mine.
This attractive, big city styled restaurant makes me want to put on a bomber jacket and act as if I just landed my plane and need to load up on fuel (for the body) and catch up with friends before my next journey.
Yeah. Airport Grille is just…
My partner and I were there on a recent Wednesday and was impressed from beginning to end.
Our beginning actually started with a warm greeting by the charismatic front of house manager, Shawn Moniz. Now listen, I don’t care if you are gay, straight, blind, a priest or nun…..this man is handsome. I’m just throwing that out there. I’m sure his wife would agree! 😉
As you enter the restaurant you can’t help but be impressed with its decor and view of the airport field.
This is the first photo taken at airport as onlookers view the plane taking off.
We were seated by the window and enjoyed seeing the small planes taking off and landing. It also provided a beautiful view of the sunset.
Our server for the evening, Adam, also a close friend, just added to the eye candy! Now this handsome (and adorable) young man is single……fellah’s. Ahem.
My partner Jen and our friend Adam
Adam’s enthusiasm for Airport Grille is apparent. He was quick to answer any questions we had and talked with pride as he explained how they use the freshest, local ingredients and seafood. He also explained how all desserts are made in house (except the cheesecake), but more on dessert later! 😉
For starters Jen and I had the Vegetarian Grilled Flat Bread which was made with honey goat cheese, smoked tomato compote, toasted almonds & balsamic glaze.
The flavors exploded with each bite. The combination of the honey goat cheese and balsamic glaze made it the perfect combination of sweet and tart. It was devoured almost as soon as it was placed in front of us!
Jen also enjoyed a Lemon Drop Martini and, what she described as, deliciously sweet Sangria.
For our entrees Jen ordered the Lobster Scampi made with sauteed garlic, sundried tomatoes, shallots & butter white wine sauce. Adam explain how Airport Grille uses 1/2 a lobster in this dish!
Jen couldn’t get over the amount she was served.
She said it was one of the best seafood dishes she ever had and was overly impressed with the quality of lobster.
I ordered the Airport Grille Steak with bearnaise sauce. For sides I chose the local mashed potatoes and tiny green beans.
The steak was cooked to perfection with not an ounce of fat on it. It literally melted in my mouth with each bite. The mashed potatoes were flavored deliciously, but what really impressed me were the tiny green beans served with a garlic based oil drizzled over them. Oh wow. Yum!!
Jen and I both cleaned our plates. No leftovers this time!
When Adam explained that all desserts were made in house, Jen and I knew we had to find room! 😉
I ordered the banana coconut bread pudding and Jen ordered the chocolate tart with strawberries.
As the photos show, and clearly speak for themselves, these desserts were beyond impressive and beyond delicious. Worth the guilt and extra time at the gym for sure!
One of the things I noticed about Airport Grille was how bustling it was for a Tuesday night! The bar was a mix of generations, all talking, laughing and enjoying the wonderful ambiance.
Also, one of the most impressive parts of Airport Grille is the “Hanger” room located in the back.
The Hanger room is perfect year round with it’s gorgeous fireplace and windows that open during the warmer months.
This would make a great area to host a special event, party etc., There are flat screen TV’s, amazing views and just an overall cozy, lounge like atmosphere.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Saturday Lunch 11:30m-4:00pm
  • Monday-Thursday Dinner 4:00pm-9:00pm
  • Friday-Saturday Dinner 4:00pm-10:00pm
  • Sunday Dinner 4:30pm-9:00pm
  • Thanksgiving: Closed
  • Christmas Eve: Closed at 4pm
  • Christmas Day: Closed



  • Every Sunday & Tuesday – Prix Fixe: 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 2 desserts & bottle of wine: $40
  • The restaurant also host jazz nights. Please contact restaurant for up to the minute entertainment schedule.

Gay & Lesbian Factor: Airport Grille is one of the most gay friendly restaurants you will find in New England. Hands down. I found the staff (Hi, Adam!) and clientele to be a perfect blend of gay and straight.

This would make a wonderful place for a romantic date or fun night out. Grab a group of friends and sit in the Hanger Room and enjoy the lounge like atmosphere. Ask for Adam to be your server!

Airport Grille was more than eager to host Gay Travel Information and be spotlighted on our Blog. Saying my partner Jen and I felt comfortable here would be an understatement.

I am hereby “OUTING” Airport Grille as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business.

I truly love Airport Grille. The food, staff and decor are all — delicious.

It is one of those places that serve you unpretentious, top quality food made with pride.

Pride is evident everywhere. In the way the restaurant presents itself. The way the manager greets and smiles at you. The way the servers talk with enthusiasm about the food and the happiness on the customers faces.

Also, be sure to visit the observation deck prior or after dinner for gorgeous views of the runway!

I cannot wait to return!

Desiree Sousa


Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information




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