Gay Travel Information: Mont-Tremblant Ziplining Adventure by Jennifer Walsh

The Activity Centre – Mont Tremblant / 118 ch. Kandahar / Mont-Tremblant, QC (Center of Village – Place St. Bernard – at base of ski slopes)



After meeting by the fire pit in the quaint village like area of Mont Tremblant, the small group of us followed our zipline instructor on an 8 minute uphill hike to the location of the Tremblant ziplines and ropes course. The instructor took his time as he secured each of us in a helmet and harness while explaining what the 3 clips are used for that are attached to the harness.


The instructor made me feel comfortable right from the start by providing lessons and demonstrating in the training area at the start of the course the proper way to tackle the zipline course.  The training area consists of two obstacles that are close to the ground making one feel well prepared with the upcoming adventure.


There are a variety of obstacles and adventures of varying degrees of difficulty throughout the tree-to-tree zipline course. This was my first time doing anything like this and the instructor made me feel confident as I tackled the course.


Each obstacle has a platform to stand on to prepare for the next obstacle. There are two clips to move about on the obstacles and at least one clip is always connected to something for complete safety.


At the start of each obstacle there are signs with a cartoon monkey showing how to tackle the approaching obstacle. The signs are very helpful to know what to do in some of the more challenging obstacles.


Tight rope walking at about 50 feet in the air and swinging on multiple Tarzan ropes to wooden planks suspended by cables were two of my favorite obstacles.


It was such an amazing rush when I was riding the cables as high as 60 feet from tree to tree. The landing area is well padded, which is very much needed with the speed that one gets to while riding the cable. In addition to the 2 clips there is also a pulley to attach to the cable when doing this type of obstacle.


There are 4 courses and the degree of difficulty increases with each course. One can choose to skip a course if not comfortable with the degree of difficulty. Courses can also be repeated as an admission ticket allows for 2 full hours of access to the zipline adventure.

There is also a course for children with obstacles on a much smaller scale.


I highly recommend this activity for the adventure seeker. Some physical exertion is needed for the obstacles and one must be comfortable with heights of 25 to 60 feet. This is a great activity for individuals, couples, and families. The friendly instructors follow underneath participants throughout the course and are available for any additional instruction that may be needed to deal with a particular obstacle. I had a lot of fun and felt challenged throughout the course. I would definitely do this again.

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  1. rabidmommawolf says:

    I have wanted to do this for a long time… now I want to even more 🙂

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