Gay Travel Information: Spooky World’s ‘Fear at Fenway’ Haunted Attraction!

SPOOKY WORLD – THE FEAR AT FENWAY / Fenway Park – 4 Yawkey Way / Boston, MA 02215

This past Sunday my partner, Jennifer, and friend, Adam went to Spooky World’s, ‘Fear at Fenway’, Halloween attraction. I had been to Spooky World many years ago, and remember thoroughly enjoying it, so I had high expectations for Fear at Fenway.
 My partner, Jennifer & friend, Adam (Yes, guys – Adam IS available – Want to meet him? Let me know! 😉 )
Spooky World, legendary in New England, returned for its 20th year to deliver an unforgettable Halloween experience. This year Spooky World is located in two locations. Litchfield, NH and Spooky World’s ”The Fear at Fenway’, in Boston. The parks expect to terrorize more than 150,000 brave visitors!
When we arrived at ‘Fear at Fenway’, it was shortly after 7pm and there was an impressive line forming. Having the excitement of Spooky World mixed in with the thrill of being at Fenway Park definitely sets the mood for a fun night.
The first attraction we braved was the 3D Freakout, which is a twisted labyrinth of color and motion where nothing is as it seems.
The 3D glasses, always fun to wear, made everything pop out and definitely made things “freaky” and let me just say, NO corner is safe from the menacing clowns! 😉
After 3D Freakout we found ourselves making our way through Hancock Hill Cemetery which was eerily decorated with tombstones and offered plenty of corners for actors to pop out.
This was a rather impressive walk through length wise. It seemed to go on for quite some time. Hancock Hill Cemetery, once considered to be the most beautiful, peaceful cemetery in New England, became a landmark simply known for being evil.
Dozens of attempts have been made to expel the evil that pervades the grounds, but to this day the cemetery is home to a wickedness that refuses to rest and relentlessly haunts the surrounding communities. Road trip anyone???
As you make your way out of Hancock Hill Cemetery you find yourself in the back of Fenway Park!
This is a spectacular treat! To actually be ON the field, feel the red dirt and see the green grass is truly breathtaking. People take their time here. They snap photos of the field and with the scare actors and truly soak in the atmosphere, which is exactly what we did.
This alone sets Spooky World’s ‘Fear at Fenway’ apart from all other haunted attractions.
After you experience the field you head for what I feel is the best attraction at ‘Fear at Fenway’,  ‘Brigham Manor’.
This elaborately decorated haunted house is right out of the movies. The costumes, scenes and scare actors were all quite believable. This attraction may be too intense for young children.
It is very creepy and gory.
The real ‘Bringham Manor’ is amongst the oldest manors in the Boston area and was witness to thirteen known atrocities in the 1800’s, acts so depraved and unspeakable that historians who dared to chronicle the events have met a savage fate for themselves.
Through the years efforts have been made to restore the old manor to its former glory, but the spirits that dwell in the stately rooms have unleashed tragedy to those who tempted fate by calling this manor home. Feared by locals, today the Manor sits neglected and empty.
‘Fear at Fenway’ is different then the Spooky World in Litchfield, NH whereas the Litchfield location has six haunted attractions, along with a Monster Midway featuring zombie paintball, go-kart racing, mini-golf, batting cages and more. I was hoping for more of a “carnival”  type atmosphere like the previous Spooky World experience I had many years ago, and found this portion to be somewhat disappointing, however, the experience of Fenway Park itself does make up for that in many ways!
Spooky World in Litchfield, NH is priced at $34.99 per person on Friday and Saturday and $29.99 all other days, which sounds like a good deal for all they have to offer. Fear at Fenway on the other hand is priced at $35.00 every night. 
* Spooky World’s ‘Fear at Fenway’ operates now until November 6th. Spooky World in Litchfield, NH operates now until October 31st.  
* Both Spooky World and ‘Fear at Fenway’ offer VIP passes that make you skip the long lines. VIP tickets at ‘Fear at Fenway’ are $59 (group discounts are available). VIP tickets at Spooky World in Litchfield, NH are $59.99 (Fri & Sat) and $54.99 all other days.
* A “lights-on” tour will entertain families with children of all ages at ‘Fear at Fenway’ Oct 29, 30 and November 6th, from 11am to 3pm. Family friendly characters crated especially for the children’s day matinee will hand out balloons and treat-bags. Children are encouraged to come in costume. Admission is $19. Tickets are limited. For more information, visit
* Spooky World is ranked one of the best frights in the U.S. and this year, Yahoo Travel named it the world’s scariest theme park. Since 2009 the haunted attraction has remained listed as one of the “top 12 eerie elite” across the nation by “America’s Best Haunts”, the nation’s eminent authority on thrill attractions. Haunted Attractions magazine named Spooky World one of the “25 must-see haunted attractions” in the U.S. The scream park is featured in a newly released book entitled, Spooky Creepy Boston, by Nicholas Goodwin.
* Spooky World’s Nightmare New England and the Fear at Fenway were created with the serious horror junkie in mind, because deep down, we are all afraid of the dark.
* Attractions are open rain or shine.
* Attractions change year to year.
* Ticket booths open at 6pm and haunted attractions open at 6:30 and 7:00pm. Ticket booths close at 11:00pm on weekends and 10:30pm on weekdays. Attractions close approximately an hour and a half after the ticket booths close.
* Evening shows are designed for adults and children age 13 or older. That being said, children younger than 13 are welcome to attend and they leave that decision to the parents.
* All attractions are wheelchair accessible.
* Monsters will not touch you and they ask you do not touch them.
* Coupons for Spooky World and Fear at Fenway can be found at Dunkin Donuts and Papa Gino’s.
* Parking is available at multiple parking lots in the Fenway area.
We had a blast at Fear at Fenway! It is a must do Halloween attraction here in New England!
Desiree Sousa
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  1. Sophie says:

    Love this Halloween post! Looks like so much fun. Keep the awesomeness coming!

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