The Salem Cross Inn Restaurant & Tavern – Perfect Gay Wedding Location!

Salem Cross Inn Restaurant & Tavern / 260 West Main Street / West Brookfield, MA 01585 / 1-(508)-867-2345 NEW ENGLAND CHARM, HISTORY & PRIME GAY & LESBIAN WEDDING LOCATION! One of the beautiful things about New England is that you can enjoy a Fall day in Spring. That’s just how it is up North, and … Continue reading

Julian’s – Providence, RI – Gay & Lesbian Friendly Hotspot!

Julian’s / 318 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909 / 401-861-1770 Good Looking on the Inside AND Outside! Do you remember that person in high school that oozed with punk rock, zine reading, sci-fi coolness? Some people may have thought they were “strange”, but not you. Oh no. You anticipated passing them each day in the school … Continue reading