5 Socially Distanced Things to do in Florida

Wanted to drive Slingshot from very long but never found your way to that? Dream Rentals brings you the opportunity to rent a Polaris Slingshot of your choice and get over with your long-time unfulfilled wish.

The CDC currently recommends limiting face-to-face contact with others by physical distancing. This means “keeping space between yourself and other people outside of your home.” It cites the best way to implement this is to stay at least six feet, or about two arms’ length, from other people. Just because you’re practicing social distancing, doesn’t mean a fun trip to Florida is out of the question. Come on down! While you’re here, there’s a lot to do that is both enjoyable and will keep you well-spaced from other people.

#1 Head to the beach! The beach is probably one of the reasons you want to visit Florida in the first place, and also a great way to spend the day without being too close to others. No one is going to set up their towel less than six feet from you! Bring your stuff and lay out on the sun for as long as you’d like. Not only will this activity keep you socially distanced, the vitamin D you get from the sun’s rays is actually really good for your immune system. It’s perfect!

#2 Rent a Polaris Slingshot Turo in Daytona Beach. There’s nothing more spaced than being in your own vehicle! A Slingshot rental is ideal because it gives you the cool benefits of a motorcycle with the safety, convenience, and security of a convertible. It’s incredibly fun to drive. This is a 3-wheel, open-air roadster that allows you to experience the world in a whole new way. You will feel the rush of the road below and the sky above while sitting barely 5 inches above the ground. You’ll turn heads wherever you go! The only thing left to do is look into the Polaris Slingshot rental price in Daytona Beach, which you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see.

#3 Spend time at the hotel pool. What’s better than a dip in the pool on a hot day? Turn up the music, put on some sunscreen, and set out a cooler filled with refreshing drinks. Bring down a towel and a pool float, then spend time in the pool six feet apart from everyone else. If someone floats too close to you, paddle away. It’s really that easy!

#4 Go to a wine tasting. As long as you have your own wine glass and the event is outdoors, a wine tasting is a great social distancing activity. What’s a wine tasting without cheese? While a giant shared cheese board is off limits, you can still enjoy individually wrapped cheeses and mini baguettes so each guest gets their own.

#5 Head out for a walk. If you’ve never been to Florida, you may be surprised there’s far more to the state than just beaches. A bit of online research will show you many parks in the area you’re staying in. Walk, jog, or bike the trails. Just keep maintaining that six-foot distance from strangers you encounter along your path.

Go ahead and get started planning your Florida vacation. Do some research and find a nearby park. Book your Polaris Slingshot Turo in Daytona Beach. Make this a fun, safe trip!


Dream Rentals is a premier Slingshot and Scooter rental service serving the areas of Daytona Beach, FL, and Dallas, TX. We offer a wide variety of fun and amazing rides ranging from all the new models of the Polaris Slingshots (manual and automatic) to Scooters.

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