Sofitel San Francisco Bay

Sofitel San Francisco Bay | 223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065 | (650) 598-9000

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Sofitel San Francisco Bay: This is Where the Bay Cities Roll

By Charles Trevor

San Francisco lives up to its reputation as a place where you could easily leave your heart, with its fabulous array of fine dining and ethnic restaurants, the best mixology bars in the country, culture, nature, shopping and that welcoming feeling you just can’t find in every American city.

That said, there’s a lot of heavy traffic in the big city that can put a damper on the romantic mood. When you plan your big day, the last thing you’ll want is your guests stressing out on the freeways or trying to figure out their lodging situation. This is where the Sofitel San Francisco Bay comes in. Sofitel San Francisco Bay lies in the cradle of Silicon Valley, in beautiful Redwood City, just outside of San Francisco proper. Surrounded by some of the most charming small towns in the state, the property has a big heart all its own with as much going for it as any Union Square hotel.


The ambiance is a perfect convergence of European chic and California cool. No wonder it’s a “second home” for so many of the heavy hitters in Silicon Valley. Mid-century furnishings and cool, ocean-inspired colors and decorative items are woven into the hotel’s fabric. Pair that with attentive service and concierge attention, and what you have is a trouble-free spot for your wedding, from the pre-ceremony festivities, to the ceremony, dinner, and even the launch to your honeymoon. 


Your guests will also be well cared for, thanks to 421 gracious rooms and suites on nine floors, outfitted with SoBed, Sofitel’s luxurious feathertop and duvet sleep system. You all can celebrate your wedding in big city style, from a rehearsal dinner at Bay 223 impeccably executed by newly appointed Executive Chef David Clawson and cocktails from the adjoining bar that stand up to any mixology hotspot in the city. Indoor and outdoor settings with the right amount of French accent are a perfect canvas for a wedding that is fully customizable with the help of Sofitel’s Wedding Planner.


If your wedding activities extend beyond the property, or you just want to take a break from the whirlwind experience of the big day or week, you will find much to enjoy, not only in the city (45 minutes away) but also in nearby Belmont, Redwood City and San Mateo. Here you can discover dozens of little Asian eateries squeezed between the coffee shops and chain restaurants. Rangoon Ruby, five minutes from the hotel, has introduced the suburbs to a toned down, yet tasty version of Burmese cuisine. Diners craving more Cantonese seafood and dim sum will enjoy China Village, where they happily accommodate vegetarians with a choice of dishes containing house-made tofu that tastes like a delicate egg custard.


Your wedding day should be as stress free and serene as possible. It’s clear that the location, venue, and dedicated staff at Sofitel San Francisco Bay make this an ideal place for a couple and their loved ones to share a special day.

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