Jasper Pride Festival – March 17-20, 2016

JASPER PRIDE FESTIVAL: March 17-20, 2016


Jasper Pride Festival will be celebrating the biggest and longest Jasper Pride in their 7-year history with 24 events over the course of 4 days! 

Their web site, http://www.jasperpride.ca, will continuously update all event details, hotel information, transportation options, ticket sales, opening hours of the Pride House and much more! 



The 7th Annual Jasper Pride Festival will be under the sub-title “From Jasper with Love”, a captivating motto that stands for Jasper’s wide open arms,  its legendary community spirit and welcoming atmosphere. 

Jasper is the place to be where everyone can be true to oneself,  where everyone can feel beautiful and special. 

The title is also a not-so-hidden reference to an old spy movie, highlighting how exceptionally fortunate we are to be gathering in a place like Jasper, a destination know for it’s openness. 


At the (00)7th Annual Jasper Pride Gala Party on Saturday March 19, 2016, and all other events, guests are welcome to dress up as their favorite movie characters, their favorite super heroes and super villains, being free to defy typical Bond stereotypes in your very own way . For example, cross-dressing, showcasing our gender diversity or expressing fluid gender-roles.  

Jasper Pride Festival will be the biggest in its history, featuring over 20 events over the course of four days. 

For more information on Japer Pride events click HERE.



Jasper Pride Festival is once again featuring its own Pride House as your chance to connect directly with the staff.

This year’s Pride House will be in the heart of Jasper as they will take over Karouzo’s Steakhouse on 628 Connaught Drive during the Festival.  

Pride House will be open from Thursday, March 17th to Saturday, March 19th, from 9:30 AM to 4 PM. 

At Pride House you can chat with staff, meet Jasper Pride volunteers, buy tickets, make reservations, get event information, connect with some sponsors, buy Pride merchandise – or just hang out with your friends and enjoy free coffee and snacks!

Jasper Pride sponsors “Wicked Cup” will be on site the entire weekend offering their splendid coffee and espresso creations exclusively for Jasper Pride participants!

Their sponsor “Coco’s Café” will offer complimentary coffee snacks.



For a list of recommended Jasper Pride lodging options click HERE.


Jasper Pride is happy to offer a complimentary Pride Shuttle bus service from town to The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge on Saturday with the support of Sundog Tours. Learn more HERE.



Jasper is a traditionally diverse and welcoming community attracting travelers, workers, students, ski bums and residents from all over the world. The unique atmosphere is a perfect fit for the resident queer community, the LGBT traveler and the many LGBT couples who wed in Jasper every year. 

The businesses in Jasper are full of Pride stickers in their windows and our mayor traditionally opens the Pride Festival. Last year, for the first time, the rainbow flag was officially raised at the Fire Hall for International Day against Homophobia. The local advocacy group OUT Jasper has been a popular focal point for the queer community for years. The LGBT friendliness of Jasper has been noted all around Canada and been featured in various media outlets, LGBT, alternative, mainstream. Learn more HERE.

Need more information on getting to Jasper? Click HERE.

For more information on Winter Activities click HERE.

Get up-to-the-minute information on JASPER PRIDE by visiting their web site: http://www.jasperpride.ca .


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