Jambu is not your usual shoe company. Their footwear was inspired by the beauty of the rainforest, with the Jambu tree as their guide. 

They create shoes for women, men & kids utilizing design, color, technology and craft.



From their All-Terra designs featuring a memory foam footbed, to their Hyper Grip collection, for superior grip and traction, Jambu has the style to take you on all of Life’s Adventures! 

And did I mention just how comfortable they are? More on that later. 


Jambu also believes in doing their part for the environment. Their shoes are made with partially recycled outsoles and 100% recycled packaging. 



All Terra Traction
All Terra Traction™

Non-marking and partially recycled compressed rubber outsole for
superior traction and durability.

Waterproof / Water Resistant

Jambu’s Waterproof and Water Resistant styles feature a breathable membrane that will keep your feet dry and warm during cold conditions.

Memory Foam Footbed
Memory Foam Footbed™

Contoured Memory Foam Footbed for support and comfort.

Water Ready
Water Ready

Jambu’s Water Ready styles feature the use of water drainage ports and quick drying materials to help resist the penetration of water.

Cooling / Airvents
Cooling / Airvents

Designed to regulate airflow to your feet and help wick away moisture, keeping you cool and dry, ready to take on your next adventure.


Jambu’s Vegan Designs use no animal products while providing the same comfort and quality standards.

Flex Traction
Flex Traction

The Jambu Flex-Traction ™ design has retractable built-in carbide spikes that provide unparalleled biting traction on snow and ice terrains.

Eco Design
Eco Design™

Jambu’s Eco Design are made from compostable, sustainable materials while providing the same comfort and quality standards.

Hyper Grip
Hyper Grip

The Jambu Hyper Grip outsole is built with traction and toughness to conquer any terrain.


I own a pair of Jambu’s Sven Women’s Sandals and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! 


These beauties are extremely comfortable and perfect for a hike in the woods and stylish enough for a night out on the town. 

  • Tumbled nubuck upper
  • Partially recycled rubber outsole
  • Molded EVA w/ Microsuede overlay footbed
  • 2-way Velcro closure across top of foot for fit
  • 5 oz.

You can find a complete list of Jambu’s women shoes HERE


For Jambu’s men’s collection click HERE


For Jambu’s children collection click HERE. 

As if the design and style weren’t reason enough to fall in love with Jambu, let me end with this fact…


Jambu has committed to planting an additional 50,000 trees this year. That is enough trees to cover Disney’s Magic Kingdom…..twice! 


Oh, and on a personal note, I can tell you that the staff is EXTREMELY friendly, thoughtful and most importantly LGBT supportive. 

Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go show off my Sven sandals once again! 😉 

Desiree Sousa

Owner / Editor-In-Chief

Gay Travel Information | We Are Gay Friendly

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