It’s Halloween Time – Do You Want to be Scared?

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It’s that time of year again. You know, the time when it’s perfectly normal to take your kids on a hayride full of maniacal killers, psycho clowns, chainsaw chasing lunatics and bloodthirsty vampires. 

Sweet dreams, kids! 

We here at Gay Travel Information LOVE Halloween and get chills of excitement (sorry, had to) this time every year.

There are literally hundreds of Halloween haunted attractions throughout North America.

So many haunts, so little time!

Not all haunted attractions are the same however. There are some that would make a five year old giggle (wait, what is a five year old doing at a haunted attraction!?). Some that are perfect for tweens (yes, I used that word) and others that will haunt and give you nightmares FOREVER (cue the dramatic music)! 

We prefer the last option. We WANT to be scared silly, just not straight. 


We’ll wear depends if we have to.

Scare us. Please. 

These attractions have succeeded! 

Here’s our 2015 list of scariest haunted attractions.



  • Halloween Horror Nights Universal Orlando: This is the ULTIMATE haunt in our books. No one does it better than Universal Orlando. Now in it’s 25th year, Halloween Horror Nights marks the biggest, longest and most intense event in history with nine haunted mazes, five unique scare zones and two thrilling shows. (Event runs select nights until November 1, 2015.)



  • Saint Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum (Playland Park, 5290 S. Dort Hwy, Flint, MI 48507) –  Voted # 1 Haunted House in Michigan by The Travel Channel and one of the top Haunted Houses in AMERICA by 13th House Magazine, Saint Lucifer’s Haunted Asylum isn’t for the faint of heart! Long ago, it was boarded up, abandoned, left for dead. St. Lucifer’s Asylum for the Mentally Insane. Once there were over 12,000 patients and a staff of 700. A cutting edge psychiatric hospital specializing in electroshock therapy. But things were far from normal. Patients frequently chewing their tongues off, body counts unusually high. Many patients disappearing into the 5 miles of underground tunnels. The stories of macabre events happening to innocent people were told everywhere. Such as the young boy who awoke to find the mark of St. Lucifer’s on his arm. Later discovering he had a twin who died at St. Lucifer’s. Or the retired nurse who gouged out her own eyeballs while riding the elevator in a department store. St. Lucifer’s was called evil, haunted. Then the state ordered it close in 1974. Be one of the first to enter St. Lucifer’s and discover for yourself the meaning of fear! (Open select nights now until Oct 31st).



  • Trails To Terror (4235 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879) – This is one of the best haunted hayrides we have been on here in Rhode Island. Each year they switch up the theme. This year’s 30 minute hayride theme is FARMAGEDDON. Strange lights in the sky. Radioactive crop circles. Strange animal mutilations. Alien abductions. Ah yes, now it all comes together — in one place, at one time — to reveal all of the answer’s mankind’s been searching for! Trails to Terror has has a Walkthru “Forest Of Fear” which is extremely well done! (Open select nights now until Oct 31st). 



  • Field of Screams “Where Nightmares Come True” (179 Plain Meeting House Road, West Greenwich, RI) – It wouldn’t be Halloween without a visit to Field of Screams. Enjoy 3 attractions for the price of 1 and one of the best hayrides – ANYWHERE – hands down! Also, if you’re BRAVE enough, take part in some ZOMBIE PAINTBALL! Readers of Gay Travel Information can SAVE$3.00 off regular admission with code GTI2015.  Read our review of this amazing haunt HERE. (Open select nights until October 31st). 




  • The Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce (186 Enterprise Drive, Bristol, CT) – The Haunted Graveyard got its start in 1991, when Ernie and Carol Romegialli’s daughter, Johanna, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. According to Ernie, “We started decorating our yard in Middletown, Connecticut for Halloween, thinking it would keep Johanna’s mind off candy. Every year, the displays of decoration just kept getting bigger and bigger. It outgrew our yard and has since evolved into Southern New England’s largest Halloween attraction. Today, Johanna, at age 28, is an active member of the Graveyard team.” To date, The Haunted Graveyard has donated more than $1,000,000 to various diabetes organizations. (Open select nights now until Oct 31st). 



  • The Dark Manor Haunted House (26 Main Street / Baltic, CT) – Step into The Manor and experience the ghastly entities that haunt its tormented halls.  Many are driven mad by the terror lurking in every shadow; their desperate screams echoing endlessly down twisting corridors, heard only by the desolate Connecticut countryside.  Should you manage to escape the darkness within The Manor, you will be left no choice but to face the terrors of The Graveyard.  The remains of the evil residing within The Dark Manor patrol the Graveyard in search of victims to repair their plagued souls.  Those who have made it this far say your only hope for escape is a hidden exit deep beneath The Dark Manor itself.  Plunge into the shadows of The Catacombs, surrounded by undead creeps and chainsaw freaks, remorseless in their torment of anyone unfortunate enough to wander into their cold grasp.  Those who can navigate The Catacombs may just escape with their lives, but for many their sanity remains lost forever. They ARE “The Haunting in Connecticut!” and only for the BRAVE OF HEART! (Open select nights now until October 31st). ffer to tell the tale. Will you be one of them?


logo (1)

  • Haunted Scarehouse (105 West Dewey Ave, Wharton, NJ 07885) – Regarded by Halloween enthusiasts as Jerseys most original and innovative haunted attraction, Haunted Scarehouse features two floors of heart-stopping entertainment and the ALL NEW Escape Rooms.Inspired by the imaginative genius of pioneer Walt Disney and his theme parks, the Scarehouse creative team strives to match Disney’s awe-inspiring levels of craftsmanship, detail, and live performance. The award-winning show is full of excitement from the second you step foot into the building as you navigate through two gigantic haunted houses, interacting with special effects and fearfully realistic scenes—everything a professional haunted house should be, and much, much more!

    Come and experience for yourself why Haunted Scarehouse was rated scariest haunt in New Jersey by Haunt Hunters in 2014, and others. 


There is still plenty of time to enjoy the above attractions, but don’t say we didn’t warn you! 😉

Desiree Sousa

Owner / Editor in Chief

Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information / We Are Gay Friendly

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