OUT100 – 2014 Broadway Show Of The Year

OUT100: Neil Patrick Harris, John Cameron Mitchell, Stephen Trask & David Binder



Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Broadway Show Of The Year

Photography by JUCO | Retouching by Anna Glen at Wet Noodle

The Moment: February 14, 1998: Hedwig and the Angry Inch premieres Off-Broadway at the Jane Street Theatre. April 22, 2014: The first Broadway production of Hedwig opens at the Belasco Theatre.

“I want to freak people out a little bit,” Neil Patrick Harris told Out earlier this year as he prepared for his opening night performance in the retooled revival of Hedwig, the raucous rock musical created by John Cameron Mitchell (second from left) and Stephen Trask (far left), who wrote the music and lyrics. There was, indeed, something deliciously freaky about the man famous for playing TV’s most popular pussy hound, How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson, slipping into the stilettos of theater’s most famous transgender glam rocker. But it was also a telling reflection of a cultural shift. “Hedwig’s journey uptown to Broadway, where she’s playing to thousands of fathers, grandmothers, kids, trans people, gay people, and straight people, says a lot about how America has changed, in the most remarkable way,” says producer David Binder (far right). “We have all loved and lost like Hedwig has, and that’s what audiences are connecting to.”

Photographed at ACME Studio, Brooklyn on August 14, 2014

Styling by Michael Cook. Set Designer: Shawn Patrick Anderson. Groomer: Angela DiCarlo. Neil’s Groomer: Reiva Cruze/Exclusive Artists. Clothing by tom ford (Harris). Hedwig Wigs designed by Mike Potter.

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