Gay Friendly Business Spotlight – Shoe The Bear

Gay & Lesbian Friendly Business Spotlight: Shoe The Bear

I know what you are thinking. That bear sure is cute. As a matter of fact, the Shoe The Bear logo is one of our personal favorites – ever – here at Gay Travel Information.


It just makes us happy.

I mean, how could this bear not make you smile? 


The good news is, Shoe The Bear is more than just a “cute face”, their quality and design of shoes will also make you smile and feel happy!


ABOUT: Behind Shoe The Bear are Thomas Frederiksen and Jakob Fuglsang, a duo that already at an early stage in the company’s history attracted attention and gained respect for their unique and interesting approach to fashionable footwear – especially outside of native Denmark. Shoe The Bear are renowned for their balance between feminine fashion and masculine trends and for designing footwear with a serious international appeal.

The company was established in 2007, after several years of shoe manufacturing and insights in the fashion industry.

Since then Shoe The Bear has grown rapidly and are sold and distributed in more than 15 countries world wide.

The shoes can be found at some of the worlds best retailers and boutiques.

For each new collection Shoe The Bear finds a collaboration partner with whom they develop the collections.

The collaborations with different creative souls adds a constant vibe and a unique look to the brand, and ensures that Shoe The Bear never stands still, but always are on the move down the red carpet.

Shoe The Bear

We have the honor of spotlighting two of Shoe The Bear’s Autumn/Winter collection.

The first is the Walker Brown Worker Boots (€190.00).


These handsome beauties are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely comfortable.

You can tell the quality is meant to “last a lifetime”, with its leather and stitched on tunit soles.


Oh, and did I mention their is a ever-so-faint carving of Shoe The Bear  on the side? (can you see my smile?)

The second pair of shoes to grace our feet are the Big Brogues Denim Blue (€160.00).


How spectacular are these? You will be the envy of pretty much, oh, I don’t know, EVERYONE, when you walk into a room in these!

From 1448 to 1790 Sweden and Denmark were at war. In more than one case, a new king tried to prove his worth by waging war on the other country for little or no political reason. But, today, a new era begins for the two neighboring counties. These brogues is the result of 566 years of blood, sweat and tears. The Big Brogues Denim Blue shoes and made in Portugal with the finest leathers and highest quality 13 oz selvage denim.


This is one good looking shoe! 


PSST…..these shoes sure would make a great Christmas present, no? 😉

You can view the entire Shoe The Bear collection (both women and men’s shoes), by visiting their site at

Be sure to follow Shoe The Bear on Facebook and Instagram.


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