Shogun Seafood Steak & Sushi – Wakefield, RI

SHOGUN SEAFOOD STEAK & SUSHI | 59 South County Commons Plaza | Wakefiled, RI | 401-284-1311

IMG_1820Shogun is one of Rhode Island’s most unique, fun and delicious dining experiences!

A favorite of Gay Travel Information (read our review from 2012 HERE), we are excited to spotlight this family run business once again. 

This time we had the pleasure of dining at Shogun’s Wakefield, Rhode Island location.

IMG_1800The large restaurant (offering both inside and outside dining) was packed with regulars and tourists on a recent Thursday night when we stopped in. 

IMG_1872Sue, restaurant manager and wife of owner & chef Soli, greeted us like old family friends (which I love) and showed us around the impressive looking restaurant. 

The first thing you notice, besides the incredible aromas rising off the hibachis, is the fun atmosphere and lively vibe. 


IMG_1839Between the friendly service, large bar, sushi station and hibachis, you are in for quite the night! 

soliandsonsSHOGUN FACT: Shogun was opened in December of 1990 in Warwick, RI (originally known as Soli’s Japanese Steak House before changing over to “Shogun Seafood Steak and Sushi”.) Soli has over 20 years experience in hibachi cooking and his two sons, Odi and Soli Jr. have also become hibachi chefs both working at the Warwick, RI locations. 

Our waitress for the evening, Kayla, was amazing and took great care of us.

It is always so hard choosing what to eat at Shogun because everything sounds (and smells) delicious, but we finally made our decisions. 


IMG_1826For appetizers we ordered the Beef Negima Yaki (Sirlion steak wrapped around scallions broiled in our homemade teriyaki sauce) and Chicken Tempara (six pieces of chicken in a light batter; served with sauce). Both were excellent! 

SHOGUN FACT: You will find no MSG in any of the food prepared at Shogun! They only use the finest of ingredients.


IMG_1827For our main dishes we enjoyed the Hibachi Chicken and Hibachi Scallops complete dinners which are served with a hibachi shrimp appetizer, house soup, fresh garden salad, hibachi vegetables and white rice. We also enjoyed an order of fried rice and garlic noodles.


IMG_1850Not only was the food delicious (especially with the house made pink ginger and spicy mustard dipping sauces and salad dressing), but the “show” itself was DELICIOUS.

IMG_1845We loved watching chefs Tony & King prepare the food in such an entertaining manor!





IMG_1812These guys definitely know their craft and their infectious personalities seem to attract lots of regulars who come not only for the food but the chefs themselves. 


IMG_1830And, although we aren’t big sushi eaters, we just had to sample several of the beautifully presented options including the Maki Special Firecracker (shrimp tempure, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds topped with kanikama, tempura flakes, tobiko & spicy mayo), Chicken Temara Roll and the California w/ Tobiko roll.




SHOGUN FACT: Many people assume that a night out at Shogun may be expensive, but I am here to tell you that their rates are extremely reasonable! Complete dinners start as low as $14 per person! 


IMG_1878For dessert we experienced their special drum salute (usually done for a special occasion, such as a birthday) and fried ice cream. The handsome drummer did a great job and the ice cream was thoroughly enjoyed! 😉

IMG_1862This drum salute is just another aspect to what makes Shogun such a special place. It is something truly unique that you will not find anywhere else in Rhode Island. 

IMG_1797SHOGUN FACT: Looking for something extra good to wash down all that delicious food with? No worries, Shogun can prepare an exotic beverage of choice to tap off your dining experience. 


Click HERE for a complete listing of Shogun’s menus. 


Monday-Thursday 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Friday & Saturday 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Sundays 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM


  • 59 South County Commons Plaza, Wakefield, RI 
  • 76 Jefferson Boulevard, Warwick, RI 

tablefireGay & Lesbian Factor: As mentioned in my last review, this is by far one of the most gay friendly restaurants I have dined at in Rhode Island. Sue, Soli, Molly, King, Tony, Odi, Kayla, etc., are ALL extremely welcoming to us and have been faithful supporters of Gay Travel Information since 2012. What I love more than anything is how we are treated and made to feel like “old friends” and it’s not just with us. I see this sort of interaction with other diners as well. It’s something special. The type treatment that causes “warm & fuzzy” feelings inside. One of the things Sue said to us once, prior to leaving, was that they “had a lot of love to go around” and I believe this wholeheartedly. I felt no hesitation or awkwardness just being myself. I would recommend Shogun not only for a fun night out with friends but also a special date night or location for a special celebration. It is definitely an experience not to be missed, whether you are a visitor or local. With that said I STILL “OUT” Shogun Seafood Steak & Sushi as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business! 

For a truly authentic Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant experience, you must dine at Shogun! 

You will leave feeling welcome, appreciated, full and satisfied! 🙂 

Until next time! 

Desiree Sousa

Owner / Editor-In-Chief

Gay Travel Information | We Are Gay Friendly | Out & About Travel


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