George’s of Galilee – A Rhode Island Landmark

George’s of Galilee / 250 Sand Hill Cove Road / Narragansett, RI 02882 / 800-399-8477

IMG_1725George’s of Galilee is a Rhode Island landmark! It has been serving fresh, local seafood since 1948 and is the largest waterfront restaurant in Rhode Island, seating close to 500 people. 

Georgesofgalilee7George’s overlooks Block Island Sound in the beautiful, quaint fishing port of Galilee and serves up both delicious food and views! 

There is much to love about George’s of Galilee. Not only do they offer Rhode Island’s widest selection of fresh local seafood, they also have a new sushi menu, al fresco dining, free parking and a takeout window.

georgesofgalilee4They have live entertainment on select nights (check web site for up-to-date information), host special events, have an onsite gift shop and are walking distance to the ocean and the Block Island ferry. You can truly make “a day” out of a visit to George’s of Galilee. 

georgesofgalilee3I recently had the pleasure of dining at George’s with my partner and our 4 year old daughter and am already anticipating our return. 

We sat in the main dining room which was recently remodeled. It has a classic, nautical vibe and spectacular waterfront views.



IMG_1732There is a beautiful fireplace which must be romantic on a cold winter’s evening (George’s is open year-round), a huge bar and interesting framed photos of George’s past and present. 

After being seated we met our waiter for the evening, Shawn R, who was an absolute sweetheart and took great care of us! 

IMG_1775George’s menu is vast and has many mouth-watering selections to chose from. 

For an appetizer we chose George’s award winning Baked Stuff Quahogs (which the awesome manager, Jessica, said it was the restaurant’s own personal recipe) and Steamers. 


IMG_1744For our main entrees we ordered the “Lazy Man’s” Lobster (the lobster meat is taken out of the shell and claws and put into stuffing) and Surf & Turf (3 baked stuffed shrimp with with a grilled Ribeye steak). We chose the homemade mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and cole slaw as our sides, which, Shawn our waiter, said was made fresh every day and had extra love put into it! 😉

Our daughter, Angel, enjoyed pasta with butter (her favorite!) and fresh, warm rolls.




Everything was extremely flavorful and delicious and the portion sizes were quite generous.

We somehow managed (:: wink wink ::) to save room for dessert and decided on the Creme Brulee Cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae, which were also both very good. 


IMG_1779At the end, Jessica came over to our table and asked Angel if she wanted a toy. Angel excitingly said, “YES!” and was taken to an old fashion milk can where she was able to go through a selection of toys.



IMG_1787She scored a pirate eye patch, which was perfect since she has a new fascination with Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

All the waiters and waitresses walked by saying, “AAAAARG!” which made Angel extra happy about her new toy! 

IMG_1790George’s of Galilee is the type place that doesn’t just serve up delicious, fresh food and spectacular views.

It goes deeper than that. 


It is about the people that make George’s the place it is today. The owners, the workers…..the kindness and genuine friendliness they project.  

That type “family” atmosphere where EVERYONE is accepted and welcome. 

As a travel writer we try to put into words what we experienced, but sometimes it is simply impossible. 

My best advice would be to hop in your car and head to George’s of Galilee now to get a genuine FEEL for what we are trying to convey. 

IMG_1791You have to SMELL the fresh seafood mixed with the saltiness of the sea. 

You have to experience the smiles and friendly service of the staff. 

You have to HEAR the horns of the boats in the distance and sounds of the seagulls. 

You have to VIEW the historic photos and, most importantly, TASTE the delicious food for yourself. 

IMG_1788George’s of Galilee Waterfront Seafood Restaurant is indeed a Rhode Island landmark, a very LGBT friendly one at that, and yet another reason why I feel so lucky to live in this beautiful state. 

Desiree Sousa

Gay Travel Information | We Are Gay Friendly | Out & About Travel 


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