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Groom & groom on Eastern Star at Statue 2


While many aspects of a yacht wedding are similar to land weddings, such as a festive atmosphere, there are some differences to be aware of.


Since all yachts have minimum and maximum head count requirements, the first step is to be as close as possible to your final guest count when starting your yacht search. A common mistake to avoid is that “Ghost Ship” feeling that happens when selecting a yacht that’s too big for the group.  And you don’t want to be on a yacht that’s too small either, packing your guests in like sardines. Give your nautical event planner an accurate guest range from the start so that the correctly sized yachts are discussed and toured.

2014 Eastern Star Dining Deck


When narrowing in on the specific yachts that best suit your needs, have on hand the preferred date for your event.  Your nautical event planner will need this date to check on availability of the yachts. And although you may feel like you have fallen in love with the first yacht you see, it’s important to take the time to shop around. Ask your nautical event planner to “hold” your preferred date while you visit other yachts.

The only way to know for certain that the first yacht option is best for you is to comparison shop. Every yacht features a distinctive layout and décor and has its own policies. You should look for an event planner that will keep your date on hold for about a week while you tour the yachts. If your nautical event planner refuses to accommodate you during this critical time, this is a red flag. Consider jumping overboard to a different planner if necessary!

2014 Aqua Azul Dining Deck


Although your nautical event planner should email you a variety of pictures of yacht options, be sure to take along a camera to take pictures of each yacht that you tour. This will help you remember the yacht’s layout so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

Have a ready list of standard questions to ask about each yacht. And bring along pen and paper to take notes on the yachts and jot down your planner’s answers.

Doris & Tamika

At Smooth Sailing Celebrations, every event is given special treatment. They make it their business to make sure your event is unique.

Their award-winning expertise and customer service make the process smooth sailing.

No hassles. 

No scary moments. 

No detail too small. 

No event too large. 

Just easy event planning that is executed flawlessly.

They are dedicated to outstanding customer service.

24Smooth Sailing Celebrations has almost 2 decades of nautical event planning experience, so you get the inside track on the best yachts available for your event.

They know which yacht companies have the best reputations — from the quality of the cuisine — to the attentiveness of the wait staff — to the level of yacht maintenance.And you save valuable time, money and stress by making one phone call to obtain menus, pricing, and pictures of the yacht options that best suit your criteria.


They obtain their pricing and policies directly from the boats, so pricing is never increased in any way, nor are there additional fees. They thrive each year based on word-of-mouth referrals.

2014 Royal Princess Cocktail Lounge from AfarExceeding expectations is what makes Smooth Sailing Celebrations stand out for professional meeting and event planners, as well as individuals who are planning a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Keeping their promises, meeting deadlines and coming in on budget is what earns the respect and loyalty of customers.

You save time, money and stress with their complimentary service, which gives you access to many different yachts, easily expanding your options.

For more information be sure to visit Smooth Sailing Celebrations at – or call 1-973-409-4456. 

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