TomboyX – Fashion Celebrating the Tomboy Spirit

TomboyX – Fashion Celebrating the Tomboy Spirit

The TomboyX mission is to cater to an under served market, one that has been traditionally ignored by the fashion industry, by providing an online one-stop shopping ’boutique’ experience.

slide2 (2)Fran Dunaway (Co-Founder & CEO) and Naomi Gonzalez (Co-Founder & COO), were visiting Boston for a wedding back in 2012, when a friend of theirs, a woman who identified very much as a tomboy, had a hard time finding the shirt to wear to the wedding and came home in tears. This made Fran think of how wrong that this was and a seed was planted. 

Fran had always searched for clothes that were both comfortable and expressive to who she was.

slide7She had never been comfortable in traditional feminine clothes and didn’t want to dress like a man. She wanted something middle range. Comfort with a fun style. 


One day her girlfriend, Naomi, looked at her and asked, “How hard can it be to start a clothing line?” 

The rest is history! 

Today TomboyX is a “one stop shop” for some of the coolest fashions around for tomboy women. 

slide1 (2)TomboyX’s clothing is unique not only design, but in the way it fits a woman’s body and in the quality of their goods. 


The line provides unique styled clothing for both work and play. Styles that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. 

front_v3_66968a46-a8bd-4353-88f4-e4178da5743d_largeThe online boutique carries everything from clothing to shoes, boots, jewelry, hats and other accessories that you can mix and match with. 

For more information visit:


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