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Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar / 200 Exchange Street / Providence, RI 02903 / 401-383-5000

I have been a fan of Jacky Ko for years. I am lucky enough to live in the east bay area of Rhode Island, very close to Jacky’s Galaxie & Sushi Bar in Bristol. 
Having frequented Jacky’s Bristol, North Providence and Cumberland locations, I could hardly wait to experience Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar located in Downtown Providence. 
Boasting one of the most breathtaking views of any restaurant in the state, Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar is a sight to behold. This multi-million dollar masterpiece is stunningly exquisite. 
289413_219853764732328_941207_oGlass walls provide mouth-dropping views. The design is contemporary with vibrant color tones perfectly meshed together. 
It is one of those restaurants that transport you to someplace truly spectacular. 
As if the food and interior aren’t enough to impress you, Jacky’s Waterplace Sushi Bar provides alfresco dining during warmer months. 
As my wife and I were shown to our table, I noticed the beautiful lounge area buzzing with activity. 
 I was also impressed by their private dining room boasting a large wine collection, lush gardens and absolutely stunning sushi bar (that changes colors).
We were seated by a window which had me daydreaming about how magical this spot would be during a Waterfire night (talk about a romantic spot for a marriage proposal!)
The uniquely designed chandeliers dominate the two classy dining rooms which mix orchid and solf, mint green color tones. 
Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar offers a classic and contemporary blending of cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, and South East Asian: Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Singapore. Each dish is individually cooked and prepared, so feel free to omit or add any ingredient or seasoning to your order. 
HISTORY: Jacky and his wife Iris opened their first Galxie Restaurant in North Providence back in 1996 where his reputation was quickly established.
Before long, customers were raving about the variety of choices, freshness of ingredients and the complexity of tastes in each dish. Jacky’s business was honored twice, with well deserved Rhode Island’s Best awards from R.I. Monthly Magazine. The rest, as they say – is history! 
As Jennifer and I looked over the very diverse menu, we finally decided on what to order. 
For appetizers we chose the Sticky Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce and Nime Chow (Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll made with chicken, lettuce, bean sprouts, basil leaves and rice noodles. Served with peanut sauce.)
The sticky chicken wings were meaty and absolutely delicious! 
Neither of us had ever tried Nime Chow before and were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it. 
You could taste how fresh each ingredient was and the peanut sauce was the perfect compliment. 
For our main entrees I ordered the Marinated Steak Tips with House Fried Rice serviced with Teriyaki Sauce and Garnished with Steamed Brocolli. 
Jennifer ordered the Fresh Lobster Meat, Shrimp, Scallops with Vermicelli Noodles and Chinese Cabbage. 
I like my steak well done and many times this causes the meat to be served dry. Luckily this was NOT the case at Jacky’s Waterplace. 
My steak trips were cooked to perfection. Both well done AND moist. The teriyaki sauce was so delicious I couldn’t stop “oohing and aahing” over it. 
Jennifer’s dinner certainly had the “wow factor” with an extremely generous portion of lobster meat, scallops and shrimp. 
Again, everything was cooked perfectly and delicious. 
Somehow, after all this fantastic food, we managed to share a mini New York Cheesecake for dessert.  
Everything about Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar goes above and beyond expectation. Attention is shown to every detail.
Whether it be with the food, ambiance or service, everything about Jacky’s is winning. 
  • Click HERE for Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar Menu 


  • Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10:30pm
  • Friday: 11:30am-11:00pm
  • Saturday: 1:00pm-11:00pm
  • Sunday: 1:00pm-10:00pm
  • Happy Hour: Monday-Friday 2:00pm-5:00pm


PARKING:  Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar offers free valet parking. 
ENTERTAINMENT: Live entertainment every Thursday night 6pm-10pm. Click HERE for more information. 
WATERFIRE: Click HERE for the most current Waterfire schedule and be sure to make your reservations at Jacky’s for prime seating! 
GIFT CARDS: Click HERE to purchase gift cards. 
SPECIAL EVENTS / WEDDINGS / MEETINGS: I could think of no better spot to host your next event than Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar. Jacky’s Galxie & Sushi Bar in Bristol, RI has more information on these services which I am sure can be applied to the Providence location. Click HERE for more information. 
GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar is hot! It is sleek, sexy, classy and a must visit for both locals and visitors. The staff are some of the nicest people I have ever come in contact with. Our waiter, who I regrettably do not remember the name of, was a complete sweetheart and took great care of Jennifer and I. One of the things that stuck with me, besides meeting Jacky himself, was when our server said how much he cared about Jacky and hopes he can keep his job with the restaurant forever. He went on to say what a great man Jacky is and how good he treats his staff. Isn’t this the type person you want to support? It goes beyond the food, the great prices, the beautiful structure, the service — it goes to the HEART of the business and Jacky Ko is a hardworking, kindhearted man that makes Jacky’s restaurant empire so special. This is what really wins me over. My wife and I were treated like any other guest and felt extremely comfortable and welcome. Jacky’s is great for lunch, after dinner drinks, socializing with friends, a romantic dinner or special event and let’s not forget it’s prime location, across from Providence Place Mall and overlooking Waterfire (during warmer months). Jacky’s has my heart and full support for sure! I am most definitely “OUTING” Jacky’s Waterplace & Sushi Bar as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business. 
I consider myself lucky to live in the state of Rhode Island for many reasons, one being that I can frequent Jacky’s restaurants anytime I want. 
To me, that is an honor. 
Desiree Sousa
Owner / Editor in Chief
Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information

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