Blamo Toys – The Independent Art Toy Company

Blamo Toys – The Independent Art Toy Company. 


Blamoville is a sorry-less land filled with creatures that share a common love for outrageous adventure, be it a solo train ride through the mountains, a good meal with a friend, or a party on a pirate ship. Swashbuckling, bouncing, flying or crying…whatever adventure awaits, be sure that it is one to remember! In Blamoville there are no sorrys, so put your sorrys in a sack and come out to play.
Hailing from San Francisco, Blamo Toys unique art toys with great character design and high quality production value. Blamo creates their art sculptures from such materials as wood, leather and metal. 
I had the fortunate luck of reviewing their absolutely fabulous clothing including a Grey Rabbit Sweater Hoody and Pink Rabbit Suit OnesieYes, onesie. 
I know you are smiling right now. And reaching for your credit card. And thinking of a million reasons you and/or a loved one should own one of these. 
Don’t let me stop you –
Go ahead, I’ll wait. 
In my world everyone would own a rabbit hoodie or animal onesie of choice. 
They are absolutely adorable and scream “cuddle me” but even more important is the QUALITY
Blamo’s clothing is top notch! I am talking super roomy, soft and envy inducing. 
My wife and I wasted no time in donning our Blamo apparel. 
Box opened. Manic smiles. Our clothes shed. Blamo apparel on. 
All felt right with the world. 
Besides clothing, Blamo makes some super unique toys which defy explanation. 
Click HERE and check your credit card balance because the time to shop is upon you! 
I am so grateful to have discovered this great, little company full of charm. 
I love you Blamo. You make me happy. 
Desiree Sousa
Owner / Editor in Chief
Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information / We Are Gay Friendly

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