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T’s Restaurant / Cranston * East Greenwich * Narrgansett – Rhode Island 

T’s is aptly named for many reason’s. 
First it stands for owner’s Tony and Tina Tomaselli (and coincidently their children are named Tara and Anthony – “Tony”.) 
But T’s can also stand for tackle, tact and talent
IMG_1 (38)
To tackle something is to embark upon a task with enthusiasm, something Tony & Tina started back in 1982 when they decided to open T’s and enjoy the “American Dream.” Two people in love wanting to control their own destiny, by becoming their own bosses. Back in May 1982, Tony & Tina had just returned from a 10 week cross-country, finding themselves, excursion…..penniless.
Tony had a degree in art and years of restaurant experience. Tina had a nursing degree and was working for an orthopedic surgeon at the time. Together, they had an idea. They wanted to start something they could call their own. 
In late June of 1982, “T’s Variety” opened. They sold coffee, doughnuts, soda, lottery and many other convenience store staples. Very little food was served. A few grinders here and there — some store bought pastries. Tony became bored and a bit restless and started thinking about what else they could serve. Spinach pies and pizza strips came to mind, but they had no oven! So they walked to Tony’s parent’s house and cooked 6 spinach pies and 8 pizza strips daily in their oven. Calzones were introduced a short time after. Little by little business started to grow. Soon they even started a catering business, thanks to Tony’s dad, a bread baker, who diversified the offerings.
IMG_1 (50)
Before long Tony began looking for a new bigger location, that is when he came across the Park Ave building in Cranston, RI and “T’s on Park Ave” was born. By 1988 and 1989, T’s became better known as “T’s Restaurant and Catering”, with a thriving breakfast, lunch and catering business. 
By 2008 T’s opened their second location in East Greenwich and in June 2012 their third location, T’s Narragansett, was born.
What makes T’s such a success story isn’t just hard work and great food — it is Tact. You need tact, the art of consideration and politeness, to thrive. Without it you can kiss your business goodbye.
IMG_1 (26)Yes, T’s has tact, but the number one “ingredient” T’s possess is TALENT. Talent to serve consistently delicious food.  Talent to create cozy restaurants that make you feel like you are dining in an art gallery. Talent to employ the right workers to provide diners with exceptional service. 
Tackle. Tact. Talent. 
I recently had the pleasure of reviewing all three of T’s Restaurants. 
Let’s start with their newest location, Narragansett!
IMG_1 (21)
This location is absolutely beautiful. The interior has a nautical, artsy, sleek look but still provides that “down home” cozy comfort that they are known for. 
DSCN8274Jennifer, my wife, and I were greeted and shown around by Gina and Mike. I felt like I’ve know these two forever! They were so easy going and fun! They displayed such enthusiasm for their job and T’s in general. 
IMG_1 (24)
Mike showed me the beautiful outside dining area that could seat roughly 32 people, and, as I am writing this, it is balmy and 62 outside so I am sure the area is getting much use! 😀
 I absolutely loved Anthony Tomaselli’s artwork on display and the nautical earthy blues, grays, golds and browns used throughout the restaurant.
There is a beautiful, commanding fireplace in the center of the room, a (spotless) open kitchen and a huge counter dining area.
Those who know me know there is nothing I enjoy better than the perfect kind of ambiance with food, T’s delivers that, well, “to a T!” (SORRY, I had too..!)
 Our waitress, Amanda, was extremely personable and took great care of Jen and I. 
IMG_1 (15)
We were there for breakfast so Jen started with T’s organic dark roast coffee, which she said was “to die for!” Woah. Now THAT’S some good coffee! 😉
To start we shared The Greek-Style Yogurt with Fresh Fruit (creamy low-fat Greek-style Vanilla yogurt topped with glazed walnuts, a drizzle of sweet honey and fresh fruit. – strawberries, blueberries, grapes, cantaloupe and honeydew melon.)
IMG_1 (17)
Yes, it was as good as it looks! I was so impressed by the variety of fruit and the absolute freshness of everything. 
For our main entrees I ordered T’s Very Own Ooey Gooey French Toast (a glazed cinnamon coffee bun, egg-dipped and grilled to perfection, served with four strips of hickory smoked bacon.)
Jen ordered T’s Traditional Texas-Style French Toast (a triple stack of extra thick Texas-style bread, egg-dipped, grilled golden and topped with a dusting of powdered sugar and dollop of butter blend.) 
Apparently we were both craving french toast, now if only we both craved a good work-out at the gym afterwards….hmm. 
IMG_1 (25)My french toast was indeed ooey-gooey and beyond yummy! The glaze on top of the cinnamon coffee bun has some highly addictive qualities. Just sayin. I can taste (crave) it now. 
IMG_1 (19)
Jen devoured her french toast. Devoured. I am guessing it is safe to say she liked it???
Yeah. Good stuff. 
IMG_1 (32)
Having the tough job that I do (ahem) I found myself reviewing T’s original location in Cranston, RI roughly a week later. This time “my date” was my mother, excuse me, MA (I’m Italian after all), Linda!
As soon as you walk in you can’t help but notice the cozy waiting area with it’s fireplace, beautiful painting and flat-screen TV. 
IMG_1 (41)
This time I was greeted by the friendly general manager, Tara who showed us to our seat. 
Our waiter, cutie Andrew, treated my mother and I like royalty during our visit.
IMG_1 (59)I love how pleasant the staff was. Everyone I have been in contact with truly seems to love their job – that always says A LOT! 
Again, I couldn’t help but notice Anthony’s beautiful paintings adorning the walls. How can you not love being surrounded by such talent? 
IMG_1 (49)
So, “Ma” and I were there for lunch. After flirting with Andrew (and the equally adorable waiter, Mike), we FINALLY placed our orders. 
We started with T’s award winning Gorgonzola Walnut with Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad (mixed greens, gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries, glazed walnuts, and fresh Granny Smith apples tossed with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette.) 
IMG_1 (54)
I clearly understand why this salad is award winning. The flavors blended together in a perfect fusion of deliciousness! 
For my main entree I ordered The Brie LT (freshly toasted artisan-style harvest grain bread spread with creamy brie cheese, layered with bacon, fresh baby spinach <which I substituted with Romaine> and sliced tomato – served with french fries.)
IMG_1 (52)
My mother ordered Monet’s Garden Panini (eggplant fried golden, red roasted peppers, fresh baby spinach, fontina cheese topped with T’s own pesto sauce and served on freshly baked focaccia bread – also served with warm house made potato chips.) 
Not that we’re Siskel & Ebert or anything, but we both gave them two thumbs up! YUM! Even the chips and fries were exceptional. 
I love the twist on the typical BLT. The melted brie cheese was so creamy and went perfectly with the harvest grain bread. 
My mother couldn’t say enough about the freshness and bursting flavors of the Monet Garden Panini. 
IMG_1 (62)
IMG_1 (60)
T’s is more than just a pretty face — it’s substance too! 
Of course we couldn’t resist Mike when he asked if we wanted dessert, so we shared the Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae
IMG_1 (58)Excuse me while I go run.
Of course it was delicious. We’re talking brownies and vanilla ice cream. C’mon people. 
What shocked us was how BIG the serving was, bravo T’s! 
get-attachment (15)
Last but not least my journey led me to T’s third location, East Greenwich. Not in the same day mind you…oh my!
Once again I found myself reviewing breakfast and “MA” was my chosen guest (lol). 
get-attachment (12)
The East Greenwich location has a huge waiting area, which is a great thing considering how busy they were (school break week!) 
We were greeted by a friendly hostess that showed us to our table. Like the other T’s, gorgeous artwork covered the walls and uplifting quotes. 
get-attachment (13)
The hustle & bustle in this restaurant was infectious….you could hear the clanking of spoons & forks hitting dishes as happy people “dove in” eating until their hearts content. 
get-attachment (9)
My mother and I, now feeling like pros, knew exactly what we wanted to order. 
get-attachment (11)
For a starter we shared one of T’s delicious Grilled Cinnamon Coffee Buns. Enough said. 
get-attachment (1)For our main entrees I chose T’s Rose Window Waffle (this freshly baked Belgian waffle was featured in the Providence Journal and is topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches, low-fat vanilla Greek-style yogurt and a sprinkle of granola.) 
My mother chose the Two For You breakfast (two eggs whites scrambled, two turkey bacon strips, a side of fresh fruit and a toasted whole wheat English muffin.) 
get-attachment (3)
I had heard great things about the Rose Window Waffle and the hype is right — it was DE-LI-CIOUS! I loved the combination of the vanilla Greek-styled yogurt and granola & fruit layered on top. 
The Two For You Breakfast was listed under the “Lite Living” section of the menu and was great food with no guilt.
My mother’s favorite combination! 😉 
During our breakfast we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew, general manager. He was busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm, but made time to introduce himself which was super cool. He explained how “extra crazy” everything was since it was school break.
get-attachment (8)However, busy = success and that is a title well earned by T’s. 
get-attachment (10)
  • Click HERE for T’s breakfast and lunch menu.
  • 7 AM – 3 PM daily 
  • Breakfast served all day – every day. 
  • Lunch served daily Monday-Saturday 11 AM – 3 PM. 
  • Closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 
  • Cranston, RI – 1059 Park Avenue / Phone: 401-946-5900
  • East Greenwich, RI – 5600 Post Road / Phone: 401-398-7877
  • Narragansett, RI – 91 Pt. Judith Road (Salt Pond Plaza) / 401-284-3981

pix_mystory4ART GALLERY: 

Anthony Tomaselli is not only the owner of T’s he is also an amazing artist. Click HERE for more information. Anthony’s artwork covers the walls of T’s Restaurants and is reason enough to stop in! Stunning.
Anthony’s personal web site can be accessed HERE
IMG_1 (29)
GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: There was absolutely no hesitation in the response and help I received from owner, Tina Tomaselli, when I contacted her about spotlighting T’s restaurants on Gay Travel Information. Tina helped arrange everything and is one of the nicest owners I have been in contact with! T’s prides themselves in providing genuine personal care and attention that customers tells stories about, and I have done (and am doing) just that. My partner, mother and I were all treated wonderfully . The kind of treatment that makes you anticipate your next visit.
The Tomaselli’s are GOOD PEOPLE. People who are passionate about their food, restaurants, art and each other. The type people that deserve our continued support so that we can enjoy their exceptional product for years to come. I am wholeheartedly “OUTING” T’s Restaurants as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business! 
IMG_1 (12)
I love living in Rhode Island for many reasons. The ocean. The art scene. The colleges. The eclectic towns and —- THE FOOD. Oh my. The food. Rhode Island is a place of legendary pizza parlors and seafood shacks…..frozen lemonade stands and Italian bakeries.
T’s fits right in with the legendary scene. T’s is a part of what Rhode Island what it is. A favorite spot for the breakfast, brunch and lunch crowd.  
From humble beginnings to humble success…….everything about T’s radiates….gratitude. 
IMG_1 (22)
Desiree Sousa
Owner / Editor in Chief
Out & About Travel / Gay Travel Information


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