Gay Travel Information – Gavin’s Pub & Restaurant – Providence, RI

Gavin’s Pub & Restaurant / 520 South Water Street / Providence, RI 02903 / 401-383-3833

Gavin’s Pub & Restaurant, located on Providence’s Waterfront, will truly transport you to a different era.

734696_4919598541607_1052016987_nThe second you step inside this new hot spot, you will feel as if you are back in the 1940’s-1950’s.


Think WWII aviation and pinup girls. The type place where you can grab a cold drink at the bar, nosh on some delicious food, play a game of (FREE) pool, listen to great music and maybe flirt with a hottie (or two)! 😉



I have never felt more welcomed anywhere – ever. 

The second my wife and I stepped inside Gavin’s we were greeted by the charismatic AJ, also know as “Wyck”, a traveling sideshow performer that splits his time between performances in Las Vegas, King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA and bartending at AJ’s here in Providence, RI.


Come to find out, AJ and I go waaaay back, thanks to our days at Meadowbrook Cinema’s Rocky Horror Picture Show (live performances circa 1990’s). It was all slightly foggy to me until I saw photos of him donned up in his best Frank-N-Furter garb. One never forgets such legs! 😉 

AJ is the perfect example of what Gavin’s stands for — that “anything goes” mentality.


As if AJ wasn’t enough reason to fall in love with Gavin’s, I also had the pleasure of meeting Katie, one of Gavin’s manager’s.

Again, instant likeability! 

Katie and the entire staff of Gavin’s couldn’t have been more gracious to Jen and I.

The staff has such a pleasant rapport with each other that it can’t help but rub off on patrons.

I can’t imagine anyone NOT having a good time here! 


By the way – Gavin’s is one stylish place! Bravo to the designers!


I was told by AJ that everything was hand made and carefully thought out, like the B52 Bomber Chairs at the bar with armrests. Yes, armrests. How cool, right?



Gavin’s had lots of talented local artists helping bring the concept to life, with full murals from Ian Gaudreau of IMG Designs, wall steel installations, period lighting, and custom steel bar stools and furniture.



Gavin’s features high ceilings, original brickwork, and large windows with views of the beautiful Providence River, downtown Providence, and India Point. The interior space was also completely renovated with a state-of-the-art kitchen.



Besides free pool (they even hosts pool leagues), great music and an impressive bar, Gavin’s hosts acoustic karaoke on Tuesday nights (9 PM – 1 AM).


I was told they get some seriously good singers! Almost like a local version of American Idol. These people aren’t messing around – lol! 

Gavin’s is also available for parties, events, and functions and can accommodate up to 150 people. Whether you are celebrating the arrival of your new pet squirrel, a birthday or looking for a venue for a networking event, Gavin’s will help make your event memorable! 

417198_317943541597562_2040392634_nThey can arrange everything from a few tables to a secluded lounge area or whole space for larger parties. Your wish is their command! They will even build a custom menu specific to your needs if desired.

Now let’s talk food, shall we? 

Gavin’s has some of the best pub food I have ever had. As a matter of fact, Gavin’s food shouldn’t even be classified as “pub food” because it is just too good and goes a step above your basic pub-styled food. 

For appetizers Jen and I chose “Mad Mikes Wings” and a small “Bunker Buster” pizza. 


The wings come in four different variation: hot, mad hot, BBQ, and sweet chili. 

We ordered them as BBQ. 

Damn, the wings were delicious! They had just enough kick and that perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

I’ve tried a lot of BBQ sauces throughout my travels and Gavin’s is one of the most uniquely flavored and officially on my list of the best. 

The same can be said the The Bunker Buster Pizza (made with chicken breasts, applewood bacon, Corona BBQ, roasted red pepper, cheddar jack and shaved red onion).


We ordered the pizza slightly modified (without the roasted red pepper) and it was to die for. The Naan Bread pizza dough was perfect for the topping’s fusion of flavor. Neither Jen or I could get enough of that BBQ sauce!

For our main entrees I ordered the Grilled Chicken Wrap (smoked chili aioli, applewood bacon, baby spinach, aged cheddar + lime) and Jennifer ordered the Quesadilla (chicken, bacon, avocado, roasted pepper, cheddar/jack, pico de gallo, chipotle aioli and guacamole). 


Now listen up, my Grilled Chicken Wrap defies explanation! lol! I cannot even BEGIN to describe how perfectly the flavors blended together and the absolute freshness of everything. You have to try it for yourself. The wrap, like all of Gavin’s portions, is HUGE and extremely filling. It is served with fries which I was nowhere even close to finishing. As a matter of fact, I took 1/2 the wrap home and enjoyed it the next day for lunch — just as delicious as the night before! 😉 It is served ice cold and has a chicken salad consistancy, sans mayonnaise. The flavor is super addictive (right, AJ?) and I think I may have told the chef how amazing he was over a dozen times! Just sayin…..

Jen was making sounds that would make anyone blush, so it goes without saying that her quesadilla was just as delicious.


She kept saying, “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOOOD”!

At one point I was starting to get jealous of that quesadilla! 😉 

So, yes, hands down. Delicious food! 


Now how about the DRINKS???

As a non-drinker I give Jen the “hard” task of being my alcohol “tester”. Tough job but someone has to do it, right? 😉 

The first drink she was given by AJ was a Skittles infused vodka!! 


Jen said it was DELICIOUS. Not even close to being “too sweet”. The flavor worked perfectly. So much so she had another shot and then ordered it as a drink. 


Need I say more? 

AJ said the bartenders create a lot of their own unique drinks/flavors, which I thought was very cool and exciting for people who frequent the bar as well as the bartenders themselves. 


When the bar manager arrived he started giving Jen samples of all of the drinks on the menu – and then some (including a breakfast shot that tastes like pancakes I am told….niiice)! 

312449_4918786201299_2120912852_nJen gave two thumbs up to each drink she sampled but REALLY enjoyed The Sophia Loren (Sangria made fresh with white or red wine, strawberry snapps, brandy, pineapple and a splash of cranberry).

208346_4918786521307_801022558_nShe also loved The Corporal (a classic cocktail made with vodka, southern comfort, sloe gin, orange juice and cranberry juice). She was extremely impressed with the pancake breakfast shot.

Gavin’s is by far one thee best places to get your drink on! 😉 





  • Monday-Thursday 5 PM – 1 AM 
  • Friday & Saturday 5 PM – 2 AM
  • Sunday 1 PM – 1 AM 




GAY & LESBIAN FACTOR: One of the ABSOLUTE BEST features about Gavin’s is how chill and laid back it is. OF COURSE the LGBT community is welcome! I mean c’mon, we are talking about a place that employs one of Rhode Island’s best Frank-N-Furters! 😉 This is the type place I envision someone being kicked to the curb for being even the slightest bit homophobic. I couldn’t imagine ANY of the workers or regulars standing for anything like that. Gavin’s is the absolute perfect hang out for people of all backgrounds. It would be a great spot to gather with friends and enjoy a night out. Have dinner! Play some pool! Have a drink or two…..or ten!  Watch acoustic karaoke! It’s all about laid back FUN, not that it wouldn’t make a sexy date spot as well! 😉 Gavin’s is the type neighborhood pub you will find a tattoo fanatic, fire-blowing bartender with a heart of gold chatting up a storm with a middle aged mom, college professor, lesbian travel writer or rock star. Hell, if a unicorn galloped inside it would feel welcome! Gavin’s is something special. A true locals fun house. I am without a doubt OUTING Gavin’s as LGBT friendly and worthy of our business!!


The second Jen and I left we were already discussing our return.

As a local I feel like I discovered some cool, underground club. Something visitors to the area will envy, wishing THEY TOO had a place as cool as Gavin’s back home. 

Lucky us….lucky us! 🙂 

Desiree Sousa


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  1. aj - wyck says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing write up and i cant wait to see yall again…it was great seeing u and a pleasure to hang with ya 😀

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