Gay Travel – Product Review – Tego Audio

Tego Audio – Wireless & Portable Mini Speakers with a BIG Sound!

Tego Audio (pronounced Tey-Go) has produced the perfect mini portable speakers. The quality, sound and style are of the highest standard and will not disappoint! 

Tego’s philosophy is that every product sold must be superior in quality, sound, and style. You will find that evident with their packaging, the actual look, feel and, of course, SOUND quality of these powerful mini speakers.

They offer two products, The NOVA – Mini Portable Speaker and The CERA – Wireless Portable Speaker. 

You can buy them individually or as sets of three.

The Nova comes in some pretty hot colors including red, black, white, blue, purple and orange. 

Price of the Nova starts at $39.99 for one OR $99.99 for a pack of three. 

The Cera comes in red, black or white and starts at $89.99 for one or $199.99 for three. 

The speakers are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones, Blackberry, Tablets, Laptops, Notebooks, and most audio devices with a 3.5mm jack. 

The internal battery last 8 hours and it takes 2 hours to fully charge.

I can personally tell you that the sound is crisp and bass full! I use mine all the time and can’t say enough about the sound quality and ease of using them. 

They travel extremely well and are perfect for hotel rooms.

You can find Tego Audio’s entire product line here:

Desiree Sousa


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